Funeral Plans from Sanlam

Why Should I Consider Funeral Plans from Sanlam?

  • Preparing for your funeral is good common-sense.
  • Funerals are costly affairs these days.
  • Sanlam is one of the biggest insurers in South Africa.
  • Sanlam will help ease the financial burden.
  • Your loved ones deserve a dignified send-off.

Sanlam is a household name in South Africa. The company has built a reputation for fair policies as well good value for money. Sanlam has grown from a local company into a multi-national giant.

Sanlam offers a range of funeral policies that are designed to enable you to give your loved ones a send-off that you can be proud off, no matter what your financial circumstances are. Money is consequently not going to be something that

Funeral Plans from Sanlam

you need to worry about during this trying time.

There are two basic funeral plans from Sanlam available:

The iCover Family Plan

This is an affordable plan that comes it at around R25 a month. The plan pays out R40 000 for each insured person if they pass away. You can use the money for anything that you like.

If death is as a result of natural causes, there is a waiting period of twelve months. If you add new members to the policy, the waiting period will be the same for them.

Sanlam has no waiting period if you die in an accident, as long as you have paid your first premium.

The waiting period increases to 24 months if death is as a result of suicide. Sanlam will not pay out if death is due to a nuclear explosion, radioactivity or related to war is not covered at all.

Sanlam will not pay out in the event that death has been caused because you deliberately put yourself in danger.

The MyChoice Plan

Here you have a few options – you can vary the cover and premium amount to suit your personal needs as well as your budget.

These policies start off at R80 per month. You can choose between the Tribute, Priority and Traditional plans.

The additional benefits of Funeral plans from Sanlam are as follows:

  • You may include your extended family and parents under these plans. Sanlam will pay out a set lump sum in the event of a death occurring.
  • Repatriation is covered within the borders of South Africa as a free perk of this plan under the Burial Repatriation Benefit.
  • Should you be retrenched, fired, or unable to work, the Unemployment Benefit will kick in. If you are not working, Sanlam will pay for your premiums for 12 months.
  • The Pregnancy Payment Holiday Benefit works in a similar way. If you are not working, Sanlam will pay for your premiums for 12 months.
  • All the other terms and conditions are the same. You will need to qualify in terms of age and residency and also remember that he waiting periods are the same for all the plans.

Hence, all you need to worry about is choosing the plan that suits you the best.

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