Avbob – we we’re here for you 100 years ago.

With over 100 years of funeral policies sold, funeral plans from Avbob are still the choice of South Africans. Here’s what AVBOB offer with its funeral cover –

  • A full funeral service.
  • Discount funeral service if standard waiting periods have not elapsed when the death occurs.
  • The backing of the biggest mutual society in Africa.
  • A range of different free extras.
  • Service that makes you feel more like family than a client.

Funeral plans from Avbob have been Around for Ever –

When it comes to a household name in funeral services, it does not get bigger than AVBOB. Started as a burial fund in 1918 it has since grown to be the biggest mutual society in Africa.

The group offers funeral cover and services as well. It has links to 200 funeral firms, over 120 insurance groups and a factory. This makes it possible for AVBOB to offer a full range burial service.

No matter what your budget is, you are able to have a decent service. AVBOB deals in cover that you really need, without all the bits that do nothing but hike the price.

Funeral plans from AvbobFuneral plans from Avbob  – What is a Mutual society?

A mutual society does not have external shareholders that it needs to please so it can put the policyholders first.

In the last nine years alone, the firm has given R8 billion in extra bonuses in the form of benefits for their clients. With a client base of over five and a half million, that’s a big benefit.

A mutual society is closer to the older burial groups where everyone pooled their money to pay for funeral costs. At AVBOB the shareholders are those who have taken out cover, and so you benefit from gains the company makes.

Funeral plans from Avbob  – What are The basic Benefits?

This depends on the policy you have. However, when AVBOB arrange a full service funeral, every member gets the following for free:

  • A funeral costing up to R10 000. This includes the cost of transport of the deceased. However, the policy must be more than two years old. They also pay a further R2 000 cash for other costs.
  • If the insured had cover for less than six months, a 15% discount is applied. The maximum discount is R4 000 for death from natural causes. The body of the deceased is transported within South Africa for free.
  • If the death occurs after six months, and within two years, the funeral is discounted by R4 000. AVBOB transports the body for free.

These are just the free benefits, the actual level of cover depends on the policy option you select.

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All info was correct at time of publishing