What are the merits of a Funeral PA system and do I really need one? A PA system can reach a large crowd. Plus some systems don’t require power and can run for several hours on a charge.

There are simple or complex systems. Audio techs can also set up the entire system for you to ensure quality recordings.

A funeral PA system – for Indoor and Outdoor use

It all depends on the size of the funeral and venue. There is a funeral PA system for indoor and outdoor use that caters for speech and music. First class audio quality ensures that you can reach all those at the funeral.

What may Affect your Choice for a funeral PA system –

  • How portable is it?
  • What kind of speeches and music will people be listening to?
  • What is the extent of the volume?
  • Who will run the system when you attend to guests?
  • What is the cost?


If it’s a small funeral in a hall with no built-in PA, then a modular tower system is the best way to get heard. The PA has a mixer, speaker and power amp in one structure that is easy to transport.

A regular PA system has separate components. These include signal processors, power amp, mixing board and speaker cabinets. The most important thing is how well the PA system works as a whole.

Hire the System and the Technicians

Funeral PA systemThe correct PA system for your funeral will see to it that your speeches and music reaches everyone.

These days, brands such as Fender and Yamaha provide a live sound PA package that includes all you need to get set up. They help avoid the problems that come about with mis-matched components.

Some funeral services allow you to hire a sound system as well as their technicians and sound mixers. They set up everything and ensure your funeral gets the best sound.

There are also portable wireless systems which come with powerful amplifiers. This makes them ideal for small and large crowds.

Funeral PA system – Value added Service Thrown in

Hire firms realise that people arranging a funeral will be stressed, sad, emotional and forgetful. And so they make provision for times like this and add in other useful services too.

Apart from a PA system, they offer tent and chair hire, tombstones, transport etc. to cater for your needs. You may also want to look at the funeral service years from now and they offer to record the service if you wish.

Get the right people in to handle all your PA needs. They have the means to play your personal musical selections, and provide other related services that ensure a funeral is just the way you’d like it to be.

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