What does a Funeral Celebrant do at a service?

A Funeral celebrants role extends beyond that of a funeral director. They involve themselves in a funeral service to give it focus and a feeling of joy as opposed to sadness.

The Funeral celebrants Role –

  •  Instead of a funeral being downcast, they ‘celebrate’ it and uplift the moment
  • Celebrants are qualified people who tailor their service to suit the family
  • Besides funerals, they take on other events such as weddings


Some families, who don’t want to use the services of a minister, prefer a Celebrant to carry the day. Even though a celebrant and a funeral director perform many of the same functions, the funeral celebrants role is much broader.

Religious or Non-Religious – the Funeral Celebrants role Fits in

They are people who fill the role of MC at a service and keep the function on track. With no links to any religion, they conduct services for all groups.

They visit the family and get to know their wishes for the service. However, their aim is to present it as a celebration of life and bring honour to the memory of the deceased person.

Funeral celebrants Role

Can anyone Do this?

Anyone can become a celebrant but you need to be certified. For instance, a  celebrant may want to extend their services to embalming. For this they need to get the necessary training to do so.

A trained, qualified celebrant  will know how to make use of readings and eulogies for each type of funeral service being conducted.

Become a Trained celebrant

To become a celebrant, you need training. There are courses in this country where you learn the different aspects of being a caring, sensitive funeral celebrant. And in so doing, provide a meaningful tribute to the deceased. There are also books available.

Celebrants capture the Spirit of the Deceased

Today, people want to have options when it comes to planning a funeral. They want a service that is more personal. One that captures the essence of the deceased. The move is away from a traditional service.

Find a celebrant in your province with Google. The right person will help you remember the good times spent with the person who is no longer there.

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