Funeral Plan Company

Is Assupol a funeral plan company worth considering? 

  1. Yes, you’re dealing with a company who has a century of experience behind them
  2. They’re an authorised financial services provider
  3. They offer 2 excellent funeral plans to choose from at truly affordable prices
  4. The funeral plans come with value added products
  5. No medical examinations and no underwriting


A funeral plan company won’t magically remove the pain and sorrow you feel when a family member dies, but it can make a traumatic period more light-hearted and easy.

Just having a funeral plan in place from a reputable funeral plan company can remove a huge load of stress and worry from your shoulders. But have you taken time to look at the offerings of a funeral plan company and wondered if they’re worth it.

Funeral Plan CompanyMany people don’t understand how a funeral plan works. Its a risk insurance product, covering the risk of you passing away. Contrary to what many people think, it isn’t an investment policy, holding no cash value.

Assupol Funeral Plan Company is Accredited and Experienced

Assupol, established in 1913,  is a funeral plan company. They’re an authorised financial services provider, and apart from funeral cover, they also offer other financial products.  They’re a burial society for government employees such as the police as well as correctional services, but these days they also cater for the general public.

Assupol claims to know their clients and what they prefer. They tailor their offerings to suit the needs of their clients, being the first to introduce the sought after and much needed 48-hour claim turn-around. Talking of claims, when you want to submit a claim, simply call Assupol on 012 366 3700, and an Assupol consultant will guide you through it.

Look-See what Assupol Funeral Plan Company Got for You

The thing is, there are very few people who have thousands of Rands lying around to pay for a sudden funeral. If you’re looking for a funeral plan, you want to take a look at what Assupol can offer you.

  • Assupol offers 2 funeral plans – their Absolute Advantage Family Funeral Plan which offers a single- and family plan as well as their Excellent Family Funeral Plan
  • Benefits are provided for life and will not cease once you turn 65
  • With the Excellent Family Funeral Plan you pay as little as R70 a month
  • Benefit cover is R75 000 for the policyholder and spouse
  • No medical examinations and no underwriting
  • Your children are covered for life
  • A cool aspect is you get guaranteed insurance for your family when you die – they don’t pay premiums for 5 years after your death
  • Double pay-out on the event of accidental death
  • Assupol On-Call offers among others –


– trauma counselling
– tutor assistance for children
– transport of the deceased as well as family members
– HIV/Aids assistance
– discount on funerals

Funeral Cover Tailored to South Africans

Assupol, with more than a century of experience behind them, are a market leader in the industry. They have taken the trouble to design funeral products for South Africans by South Africans. You can see they know what South Africans want, and that’s affordability for great products.

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All info was correct at time of publishing