Cheap Funeral Cover for South Africans

With rising costs putting pressure on most South Africans, families are eager to find cheap funeral cover especially quality, comprehensive funeral cover that doesn’t break the bank.

Assupol Direct understands this need and, therefore, puts convenience and value first. Their clients do all their financial planning over the phone, without having to leave home.

The plans are not only about funeral benefits but also about benefiting from policies now, while you are alive to enjoy them.

Assupol has a guaranteed cash-back policy, which ensures clients get money back after every four years, regardless of whether there has been a claim or not.

Cheap funeral cover from Assupol

The maximum cover offered by Assupol is R75 000 on both the single and family plans. The family plan includes cover for the primary member, as well as a spouse, and as much as five children.

Plus, for a little extra on your premium, members of the extended family can be covered as long as they are less than 79 years old.

How long are the Waiting periods for cheap funeral cover?

Death from natural causes, such as a heart attack, entails a six-month waiting period. If you die as a result of an accident, there is an immediate cover of R50 000 for any insured family members.

What are the annual increases?

Premiums increase by10% every year and the benefits by 6%.

Pay extra, get more with Family income Benefit

Cheap funeral coverTo give you peace of mind, you can take out a family income benefit, over and above your funeral benefit. This benefit pays your family for six months, ensuring they are not left stranded in the event of your death.

Premium waiver

If you choose to add this benefit your family will still receive the cover, without having to pay the premiums.


This benefit guarantees that you and your family are covered for six months if you get retrenched and can’t pay your premiums.

It’s important to know that these funeral benefits will cover you for life, even after you turn 65 years old.

Assupol also provides extras, such as support for those with HIV/Aids; telephonic medical support; ambulances for emergencies; transport for the body and family members of the deceased; trauma counselling; and financial information.

Often, when a breadwinner dies unexpectedly, the family members left behind suddenly find themselves without access to funds to even buy food or electricity.

Assupol understands this need and offers clients the On-Call Plus benefit, which pays out immediately when the insured member dies. The instant groceries claim like food, transport, electricity, etc. are paid out within minutes and valid at various shops throughout South Africa.

How much are the premiums?

With premiums starting at R70 per month, it makes sense to ensure that you can give your family members a memorable, respectful funeral.

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All info was correct at time of publishing