A MiWayLife Funeral Plan and Life insurance is what planning for the future is all about.

Having a funeral plan in place can save you money and stress when someone you love dies. A MiWayLife Funeral Plan is the plan to have in place.

The best thing about having a funeral plan is that the funeral home does everything for you. They fetch the body from the place of death, they prepare it, arrange for all the paperwork and make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Just about Anyone can Afford a MiWayLife Funeral Plan and Life insurance

Funeral plans are a great insurance product, and if you look around, you’ll even find a policy starting at a low R25 a month.

MiWayLife knows that you buy life insurance to provide for those you love. Now you can provide them with a dignified funeral as well. With MiWay products, you have access to both funeral cover and life insurance. You pay one affordable monthly rate for two types of cover!

You can insure your partner, children and even an extended family. This one monthly premium is a special deal. Miway believes there is no need for a separate life and funeral cover. They have combined them to form one policy.

MiWayLife Funeral Plan MiWayLife Funeral Plan and Life insurance have All the Bases covered

MiWayLife re-looked at how insurance works, and offer personalised life and funeral cover to suit your lifestyle. There is a 4-in-one policy with one premium. This combined policy makes sure that if the worst were to happen, family members get support and a dignified funeral.

What you Get with a MiWayLife Funeral Plan –

  • A premium that starts from as little as R149 a month
  • R500 000 worth of cover
  • No medical tests
  • Cover up to R5 million and cover in minutes over the phone
  • Immediate payment of some benefits when the policyholder dies. This is to ensure that a decent funeral takes place, regardless of circumstances.
  • There are also living benefits in the form of their terminal illness accelerator. If you are diagnosed with this condition, you can access your pay out while alive.

Who is Miway?

Miway is a financial services company and a direct short-term insurer. They offer a range of short-term insurance products, including life insurance and funeral cover. Their mission is to provide great value-for-money products.

Many people think that if they have life cover, then they don’t need funeral insurance. This is not the case. You can buy their insurance conveniently online as they look at themselves as an online-enabled short-term insurer in South Africa.

Less Paperwork and Less to Pay

Life cover as well as funeral cover are sought after forms of insurance. Miway knows this and they’ve made it possible for you to have both combined. Less paperwork equals less premiums to pay but more cover and more peace of mind.

All info was correct at time of publishing