Get the best Funeral plan quotes from the best insurance providers.

Online Funeral plan quotes are important. There is such a vast difference in costs as well as what products and services you can get.

A funeral quote is an estimate of what your premiums will be for your policy. This quote depends on the information you provide when applying for funeral cover.

An online quote takes about 5 minutes. In most cases an agent will call you back or contact you by email with an estimate. The call-back time can vary from an hour or more.

Online Funeral plan quotes – get Quotes from top Providers

You should get about 3 to 5 quotes, including some from leading insurers such as Sanlam, Hollard, AVBOB, Doves, Assupol, Metropolitan and FNB. You must compare the details of the quote as they will differ with each company.

Getting funeral quotes online is a huge time saver for you. Most people pick the best cover based on price. However, you’ll get unique funeral cover from any one of these insurers.

Online Funeral plan quotes – What some Insurers offer

  • Hollard – Get a funeral plan for ±R116.00 a month. A lot of benefits come with this cover including funeral payouts between R10 000 to R75 000. Another plus is the use of a car for three days which comes with unlimited mileage and a full tank of petrol.
  • Metropolitan – Take out a funeral plan for just R37 a month and get cover between R5000 to R50 000. You can insure up to 9 relatives. There is no medical examination to qualify.
  • FNB – Affordable cover for just R89 a month. Insure yourself for anything from R20 000 to R100 000. Apart from benefits such as Double Accidental Death for both you and your partner, they pay out within 24 hours. You can also add up to 21 members on a single plan.
  • Old Mutual – Funeral cover from just R43 a month. Pay out up to R70 000. And apart from other benefits you get a Terminal Illness cover. This pays 50% of the amount and the remainder on death.

Online Funeral plan quotesThere are a Host of Online Funeral plan quotes 

As you can see there are many different funeral plans from many different providers. They’re all affordable and they all offer amazing benefits. Some plans will come very close to what you’re looking for. By requesting quotes and comparing them, you can decide with complete peace of mind.

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