Do some research. Get Funeral plan quotes. Relax.

The best place for Funeral Plan quotes is online. Having funeral insurance ensures your family won’t endure hardship when you pass away.

The main purpose of a funeral policy is for you to have a decent burial, that no else has to pay for, when you pass on.

The best Place for Funeral Plan quotes helps You keep Clear of a Pauper funeral

For a small monthly fee your family get a pay out when you, as the insured person, pass on. Funerals cost a lot of money today and every year they get more expensive. With no ready money to pay for burial, you could possibly end up in a paupers grave.

Just having a funeral policy gives you peace of mind,because the money becomes available on death. Most plans pay cash within 48 hours. Another benefit is the help and assistance you get with arranging a funeral. A great help when you’re not clued up with how a funeral works

Best place for Funeral Plan quotes

The best Place for Funeral Plan quotes You can Afford

Getting affordable funeral cover isn’t a difficult task. You can apply online to most top funeral plan providers. No paperwork involved and no medical examinations. You get quotes quickly after you fill in and submit the online form. An agent gets back to you in a short while..

Today an average funeral costs in the region of R7 000 and R12 000. A lot of money if you’ve not saved for it. Proper planning is important to make sure the finances are available when a family member passes on.

What to Look out For in a Funeral plan –

  • Understand the terms and conditions of your policy. Know what you are paying for so that you’re not disappointed later on.
  • Find out about the exact benefits the plan provides. Do they offer some useful value-added services like cover for extended family members? Do you get cell-phone airtime or grocery benefit?
  • Does your plan comes from an authorised financial services provider? They must be registered with the Financial Services Board.
  • Do you understand waiting periods and exclusions?
  • Check out how easy the claims process is. You want payment within 48 hours and not 84.
  • Consultants will tell you what documents you’ll need to submit before the claim pays out.
  • Check for double payouts. Some funeral plans pay out double in the event of the main member’s accidental death.

To get the Funeral plan you Want – do Some research

There is plenty to research because funeral plans are all so different. Once you know what you want, simply purchase the plan online that suits you in terms of benefits you receive before death as well as post-funeral payouts.

Some sites provide an online calculator which gives you a rough estimate as to how much your funeral would cost. Funeral cover is very affordable. Anyone earning an income should have a plan. Where else can you get peace of mind so cheaply?

All info was correct at time of publishing