Choose a Funeral Plan that will still be around for your family when you’re not.

When you choose a Funeral Plan you need to take your time. Do some research because plans can vary widely in terms of what you get out.

Before you spend money on a product which suits you, make sure it’s above board. The Financial Services Board (FSB) has found a number of funeral schemes not underwritten by a registered long-term insurance company.

This can lead to a stressful encounter with certain funeral plan providers. When you pass away, the chances are high that your family will not receive any money.

When you Choose a Funeral Plan – choose a Registered provider

What should you look for when deciding on a suitable funeral plan for your health requirements? Insurers advise that you invest with a trusted provider such as Sanlam.

As a  registered provider with FSB, you get security from Sanlam. Your family will indeed receive the funeral they have paid for.

Either save Up a Lot of Money or Choose a Funeral Plan

Some people save year after year for their funeral. However, with the rising cost of funerals today, there is no guarantee that they will have enough. With a funeral plan, you can choose a payment option to suit your budget.

Choose a Funeral PlanKnow what You want Within what You can Afford

You have to look at a funeral plan carefully. A  basic plan may just mean a coffin and a hearse. Another plan may include a coffin, a limousines for your family members plus a host of value added services.

Also consider the type of funeral you want. A simple burial, cremation, religious, celebratory or lavish? Sanlam caters to your needs and budget. They advise that the sooner you take out a funeral policy the better, as nobody, not even the young, have any guarantee on the future.

Choose a Reliable, trusted Funeral cover Provider

Sanlam suggests you look at more than just one funeral plan and that you compare 3 or 4 quotes. Some of their benefits include –

  • The icover Family Funeral Plan covers you for Death by Accident and Death by Natural Causes in one plan
  • Cover is up to R40 000
  • Insure your partner, parents, siblings and adult children from as little as R25 a month
  • No medical examinations
  • Claims settled within 48 hours


With Sanlam icover taking care of everything, fill in your online quote and get it off to Sanlam immediately. You get access to funeral cover you can afford from a trusted source who can save you plenty of future stress.

All info was correct at time of publishing