Cut Price Funeral Insurance from AVBOB

Nothing in life is cheap anymore and even your departure from this life to the next is going to cost you big time. Research reveals that the cost of a decent funeral has doubled in the last decade, and planning for a funeral is causing many people much financial concern. Here we will have a look at Cut Price funeral insurance from AVBOB.

South Africa has a number of funeral insurance providers, and they’re worth looking at- and comparing because some of them can offer truly affordable funeral insurance.

Benefit after Benefit is Offered

AVBOB is one of these and their funeral services extend far beyond merely offering to ensure a decent funeral. Not only that, they have got experience behind them, having started business more than a century ago and with millions of customers. AVBOB is a Mutual Society too and this means that as a policyholder you are also a stakeholder in the company.

AVBOB don’t only offer excellent services, you’ve also got access to a great range of products such as –

Cut Price Funeral Insurance from AVBOB

  • SABS approved coffins
  • AVBOB is a leading tombstone manufacturer
  • They’ve got funeral products designed for all cultures
  • They’ve even got metal caskets in different colours
  • Designing of wreaths


Just having Cut Price funeral insurance from AVBOB behind you can relieve you and your family from having to make lots of difficult decisions. Families without a funeral plan can bicker over whether the deceased should have a burial or cremation, how much the coffin should cost and what kind of service should be held. Conflicting opinions can tear families asunder. All of this can be avoided with a funeral plan from AVBOB.

Cut Price Funeral Insurance from AVBOB Benefits

Having a funeral plan with AVBOB offers hosts of benefits. Just some of them are –

  • Acceptance with AVBOB is guaranteed
  • Cut price funeral plans which start at just R37 a month
  • Catering arrangements
  • Conducting of funerals
  • Flower arranging, chairs at grave-site and church etc
  • They offer a free Retrenchment benefit
  • You don’t require a medical test
  • The cover is from R5 000 to R50 000
  • R2000 upfront cash
  • The funeral plan includes Accidental Death Cover
  • When you pay for one child, the other children are free
  • Payouts are made within 48 hours
  • CashBack every 5 years
  • AVBOB guarantees your acceptance
  • Free basic funeral up to R10 000
  • Transportation of the deceased anywhere in South Africa
  • Use of the AVBOB mortuary
  • Use of artificial grass around the grave site


You’d think that with such affordable funeral plans, you’d only get cover for yourself, but with each AVBOB policy, you can cover a number of your family members. You can cover your closest family members and this includes adopted children. You can also cover 9 extended family members for aunts, uncles etc.

Avbob funeral cover policies have been tried and tested by millions for well over 90 years now in South Africa. Why not see what that can also do for you?   You can also get a free AVBOB funeral quote. Simply fill in the online form and submit it.

With AVBOB you can at least know that when your funeral comes, it will be as you want it and without friction and bickering that threatens to split your family apart.


Add your details to the form on this page and submit them to get a Funeral Cover quote. 


All info was correct at time of publishing