AVBOB Insurance FAQ

There are so many questions families want to ask regarding funeral homes and the services they offer. With a good funeral plan, families can weather the unexpected death of a loved one. Here are some AVBOB insurance FAQ you might have.

We have put together some of the more pertinent AVBOB insurance faq people ask about funeral cover and how a good plan can assist them with the healing process.

Question 1 – Who is AVBOB?

The AVBOB Group is Africa’s biggest Mutual Society. They have been providing funeral insurance and burial services since 1918. Today they offer the full spectrum of affordable funeral services.

Question 2 – Is AVBOB a Reputable Choice? 

Yes, a funeral plan from AVBOB can spare you additional grief. AVBOB have received awards year after year for being an excellent broker. You can get a free AVBOB quote from them.

Question 2 – What 3 Good Reasons are there to choose AVBOB?

  • For a mere R37 a month, you get up to R50 000 cover.
  • You only pay for one child – the rest are free.
  • No medicals required, free retrenchment benefit, cashback every 5 years.


Question 3 -Who are the claimants on an AVBOB policy?

The proceeds are paid to their nominated beneficiary. If no beneficiary was nominated, the spouse claims. If there isn’t a spouse, AVBOB will designate those closest to the deceased, such as the parents, a child, brother or sister.

AVBOB insurance FAQ

Question 4 – Can I take out a loan against my policy?

Yes, you can but terms and conditions apply.

Question 5 – Can I save with AVBOB Funeral Cover?

Yes, AVBOB is an all-encompassing funeral services provider, They actually help their members save for the future in terms of expenses they will face such as children’s education. They offer a number of plans such as –

  • Education provider
  • Future provider
  • Capital provider


From just R50 a month, these plans give AVBOB members the chance to save for at least 10 years. By this time the policy will be matured and available for payout.  The policies also receive investment bonuses.

Question 5 – What is the AVBOB Cashback funeral plan?

There are some funeral services providers who offer you some of your premiums back in cash. The benefit of these is that you get about a year’s premiums back every 5 years in cash. With AVBOB you can take a cashback- or standard policy. Their cashback has the same benefits as the standard plan and in fact, both include a cash only or cash with benefits option.

Question 6 – How do I go about getting my free AVBOB quote?

AVBOB has friendly consultants waiting to hear from you. Simply go to the AVBOB website and fill in the simple, basic contact form. The AVBOB consultants will get back to you to talk to you about how you can get up to R50 000 cover from just R37 a month.

Expert Help from AVBOB – AVBOB Insurance FAQ

AVBOB’s qualified staff are waiting to help you have a decent funeral for your loved one – a funeral that honours their wishes. AVBOB is one of South Africa’s best-known funeral service providers. They’re able to offer expert help because they’ve got more than 180 branches spread all over South Africa.

Night or day you can call them on 0861 28 26 21 and one of their undertakers will step in to assist with funeral arrangements and the death certificate.


If you would like a Funeral Cover quote, complete and submit the form here on this page.

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