Budget Insurance Funeral Cover

If you’re thinking about buying a funeral plan, you need to shop around and consider your options. The reason for this is that funeral plans aren’t always transparent about the services and products you get. Here we will have a look at Budget Insurance funeral cover.

Also, often when you see that a plan says it pays for the funeral in full, you need to check what contribution it makes to third-party costs – in other words what the funeral company pays to other providers. These costs can be up to half the overall funeral bill. It is precisely why it is so important to do research on different leaders in insurance in South Africa.

High on Value, low on Premiums – Budget Insurance Funeral Cover

Budget Insurance offers funeral cover and they always say that their insurance is high in value and low on premiums.

They have been offering South Africans the chance to have access to excellent insurance products at low, low premiums. What is notable about funeral cover from Budget is that they automatically include Assist Benefits in their policies as this ensures that customers always have assistance.

Budget offers –

Budget Insurance Funeral Cover

  • good cover as well as insurance advice
  • the funeral plan from Budget is underwritten by 1Life Insurance Limited. They are an authorised financial services provider.
  • an efficient call centre to offer assistance
  • low premiums
  • you get a natural and accidental death benefit
  • funeral cover is for individuals as well as for families. The family cover is for the main member, spouse as well as 5 dependants up to the age of 21or 25 if they are still students
  • HIV/Aids-related illnesses resulting in death have coverage.
  • they will settle claims within 2 working days with all the correct documentation.
  • repatriation services within the borders of South Africa
  • the cover is for between the ages of 18 and 65
  • as a Budget Insurance client, you can manage your online profile from anywhere. You can enjoy this convenience by submitting claims and managing your own funeral insurance from your cell phone.


It’s not many people who, before death, are bothering to fathom out the financial implications of a funeral. They only discover the endless costs involved when they start planning a funeral.

Be Prepared for Heavy Funeral Costs – Budget Insurance Funeral Cover

By paying a small amount each month to Budget Insurance, you can make sure that you don’t find yourself out of your depth in terms of expenses when it comes time to plan a funeral. When you think that the average headstone costs in the region of R7 000, then you begin to understand what costs are involved in planning a full funeral.  A basic funeral in South Africa can cost anything between R10 000 and R15 000.

There aren’t many people in South Africa who have sums of money like this readily available. The key to funeral insurance is to do research and to make sure that the premium you pay each month is going to cover everything you want from a funeral.

Budget Insurance prides themselves on offering good insurance which they say is simple, affordable and flexible. They invite you to get a quote today. They feel that their low, low premiums can offer you the best funeral cover to ensure a right royal send-off into eternity for yourself or a loved one.


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