Super Cheap Funeral Cover from Assupol

June 7, 2018

Is cheap funeral cover worth it? Will it cover you for all the things you want at a funeral? A lack of knowledge around funeral cover may mean you not getting the best value for money. It pays to understand funeral cover so that you don’t end up with a whole lot of financial pressure and bitterness when planning a loved one’s funeral. Here we will have a look at super cheap funeral cover from Assupol.

How much Funeral Cover do you need?

The family determines the amount you spend on a funeral. Some people just want to quietly exit this life without spending too much while for others there is pressure to keep up with the Joneses. There is pressure to spend a lot of money, even when they don’t have it.

Many people end up with a lot of debt this way and are still paying off the one funeral when another family member passes away and they have to find even more money from somewhere. Without a funeral plan in place, it all but becomes impossible for most South Africans to plan a decent funeral for a loved one.

Assupol offers funeral cover to all South Africans, and they have more than a century of insurance experience.

Some of the reasons to choose the super cheap funeral cover from Assupol –

Super Cheap Funeral Cover from Assupol

  • They offer insurance products which are innovative and simple.
  • There is no medical examination and no underwriting.
  • They are a trusted name in the funeral industry.
  • They have a network of branches across South Africa.
  • Funeral premiums start as low as R70 a month for R75 000 worth of cover.
  • The cover is for your children, and not just till they are 21, but for their entire life.
  • Stillborn- and newborn baby cover for first 3 months.
  • Covers an unlimited number of family members.
  • There are waiting periods for funeral cover but no waiting period for accidental death. Accidental death benefit starts immediately. Double pay-out on accidental death.
  • Also, Assupol has their Premium Waiver Plus- and their Premium Waiver retrenchment plan. With the Plus benefit, there is guaranteed insurance for your family without them having to pay any more premiums after your death. With the Retrenchment benefit, your family gets insurance without having to pay any premiums for up to 6 months after you’ve been retrenched from your job.
  • There’s a guaranteed cashback amount after 4 years even if you’ve claimed during that time.


Assupol On-Call – Some of the benefits to be enjoyed include –

HIV/Aids assistance

  • Ambulance for medical emergencies
  • Admission fee to a medical facility
  • Trauma counselling
  • Transport for the Deceased


On-Call Plus

This is a benefit which pays out on the death of a life insured. It is useful in that it can be spent on the likes of groceries and for airtime. It simply offers a lot of convenience at a time when you need less stress.


Get your Funeral Cover Right – Super Cheap Funeral Cover from Assupol

So a funeral policy from Assupol provides funds for those costs involved with planning a funeral whether for a burial or cremation. Assupol knows therefore that funeral policies need to pay out quickly so that planning a funeral is one less thing to worry about.


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