Mukuru Funeral Cover – We Speak Your Language

With Mukuru funeral cover the burden of bringing a body back home isn’t yours.

Many Africans die in other parts of the continent other than their home country.  Transporting them back home for burial can cost thousands of rand.

Having good funeral insurance is important at times like this. You need a funeral plan that covers the costs of repatriation of the body.

Mukuru does this and more. Underwritten by Guardrisk Life Limited a well-known corporate insurer established in 1999, they offer the best insurance solutions for their customers.

Mukuru Funeral Cover – Excellent Products and Services with Fair Pricing

Mukuru Funeral CoverMukuru offers an excellent range of services and fair and reasonable prices as well.

Africans appreciate that the call centre of Mukuru speaks to its customers in the language of their choice. After all, the name Mukuru stands for ‘respected,’ and they wish to respect the needs of their customers.

With Mukuru funeral cover you will be able to plan ahead for a dignified funeral for a family member. The benefit of the plan is that all registered users with a Mukuru account can send funeral money across African borders via the Internet.

Mukuru Funeral Cover – Have you the Financial Means to Repatriate a Body?

Very few people these days can face the many costs associated with planning a funeral on their own. Without a funeral plan in place, a whole lot of problems can arise.

One of the huge problems is the repatriation of the body of the person. Mukuru funeral cover allows for three different options. The Send-Me-Home plan allows you to benefit from funeral services by just paying as little as R20 a month.

Send Me Home – for just a mere R20 a month, funeral cover will include Mukuru transport. Also, two relatives may accompany the dead body back home. The very affordable premium also includes R12 500.00 which is for accidental death cover, as well as R10 000.00 for final expenses coverage.

The other plans include their Condolence Fee, where for a premium of R50.00 the Mukuru funeral cover policy holder will get an R18 000 cash payout as well as other benefits.

With the Send Me Home Plan, where the premium is R120 a month, the policy holder may cover  four children, as well as cash payouts and death benefits. In order to apply for a Mukuru funeral plan, make sure you have a valid passport and Asylum document or at least an RSA ID.

Mukuru Funeral Cover – A Funeral Policy Ideally suited for Foreigners

Mukuru Funeral Cover is an attractive option for foreigners who live and work in South Africa. Many foreigners in South Africa have got no idea of the costs involved in repatriating a dead body back to its country such as Zimbabwe.

Without the help of funeral insurance such as that provided by Mukuru, many people would be lost. They are simply without the money and the resources to lay their family members to rest in their country.

Mukuru Funeral Cover – Be Prepared

Death comes unplanned and untimed, its icy fingers reaching out for young and old alike. Now is the time to sign up for Mukuru Funeral Cover.

You’ll be able to benefit from their useful and life-saving cash back policy as well as their other valuable financial services such as a banking pre-paid debit card to make provision for a decent funeral.

Do you want to sign up for a funeral plans? Please complete and send the form on this page. We will send you a quote right away.

All info was correct at time of publishing