Green Funeral and Burial Tips for a Healthier Planet

Today a green funeral or a cremation can lessen the impact of the adverse effects on our planet. Because every year across the world, there will be more than 50 million people that pass away.

All these traditional burials and cremations can certainly have an adverse effect on our environment.

Death is not easy to contemplate. And holding onto our ethical beliefs as well as our environmental convictions can create a meaningful send-off for someone.

It pays to consider going green, even in death. A green funeral is the answer.

Green Funeral and Burial Tips – Get some Sound Advice

Green FuneralIn the past, the thought of a green burial service was not something funeral directors considered. Even today, many people resist this concept. There are signs, however, that the world is waking up to this idea.

That is thanks to the many environmentally friendly people who want to leave the world a greener place when they pass from this world into the next. Many products and services aim at helping to ‘go green’ and some important things to think about  regarding a green funeral are:

  • ask your funeral director about any green practices
  • green burial specialists can help you to choose green resting place options
  • read books on green funerals that will guide you through the whole process
  • talk to your loved ones about your green arrangements, because when death occurs, it becomes a complicated process, and those left behind might be grieving and forget about your environmental-friendly arrangements.
  • add clauses in your will noting your stipulations about a green funeral and have your remains cremated. That might not seem like such a green idea because burning can pollute the air with toxins. But modern crematoriums have made certain reductions in emissions. If it appears the right choice for you, you can even ask your crematorium staff what they are doing to reduce emissions. Sweden for instance, has a system whereby they freeze the body with liquid nitrogen. That breaks the body remains down quicker.
  • If you want your remains buried, you can also discuss the latest trends in green burials or eco-burials. Things to consider are the type of preservation methods, type of coffins, the materials used and the choice of green burial grounds.

Green Funeral and Burial Tips – Natural, Green Ways to Honour the Deceased

Even for a green funeral, it will no doubt be important for you that your mourners go somewhere where they can remember you once the funeral is over.

In this instance, natural or even living memorials are marvellous alternatives to a hard, ‘unfeeling’ headstone in granite or marble. When your loved ones visit your grave, they will find a living memorial – a tree or shrub – planted in your honour and memory.


Even online memorials are becoming very popular. Today, it is becoming a common practice to suggest donations to charities instead of sending flowers. This is a wonderful way of creating a better and greener environment for the living world.

It can be particularly meaningful to the mourners if the deceased was passionate about a certain green charity group – a meaningful way to honour the person who has passed away and do your bit in ‘greening’ the environment.

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