Funeral Plan for Retired Seniors

Being over 60 might have some benefits in terms of paying less for certain products and services. But it can also have its disadvantages. For instance, you might not be able to get a funeral plan for retired seniors. There are some service providers however who exclude pensioners from high paying accounts. That’s just because they don’t have the monthly funding required to earn interest.

What about a funeral plan for retired seniors? Are pensioners too close to dying to be of benefit to a funeral plan? Are there ANY funeral plans for retired seniors? Certainly any seniors with an ounce of decency in them will want to protect their families. They will protect them from having to fork out a lot of money to give them a decent funeral.

The cost of funerals rising each year. A typical funeral now costs about R10,000 to R15,000 for Funeral Plan for Retired Seniora basic funeral. So it can be a huge relief to seniors knowing that funeral plans are a door still open to them. They are able to buy a funeral plan for retired people. They do this by applying online for funeral cover quotes. Applicants just fill in an uncomplicated form and submit it

They can also phone the funeral home and arrange a plan in the space of a few minutes. Most funeral plans which are open to seniors don’t require medical- or blood tests and they also don’t want any details on your medical history.

Funeral Plan for Retired Seniors – There ARE Funeral Plans for the over 65s!

There ARE funeral plans in South Africa which offer a funeral plan retired older folk. Take a look at Essential Life 66-74 Funeral Cover. They make sure you won’t be burdening your family because they offer cover for those people between the ages of 66 and 74. Their Essential Life 66-74 Funeral Cover doesn’t only take care of funeral expenses, but it also offers value for money benefits while keeping premiums low. Avbob also offers a funeral plan to the elderly. They say that whether you are 18 or 80 you can secure cover and peace-of-mind with them. For Avbob it is never too late to secure cover and they offer their Cashback Lifestyle insurance which offers whole life insurance for adults up to the age of 80.

When other life insurance providers won’t provide funeral cover for those over the age of 65, from a mere R100 a month, AVBOB gives seniors a funeral plan that will give them a decent send-off.

Funeral Plan for Retired Seniors – Get Unbiased Information on all Funeral Plans

Stressed about getting dignified a funeral plan for retired seniors? This is an issue facing many South Africans, but now the SA Funeral Plan –, an informative resource on South African insurance policies, will guide you on finding funeral plans that cater for the over 65s.

SA Funeral Plan provides accurate, unbiased information on South African funeral plan cover and they deliver impartial advice on all aspects of funeral plans to suit all budgets and age. You’ll find plans from as little as R29/pm and with payouts between R10,000 and R200,000 and the best part is that you’ll have the money in your account within 48 hours.

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