6 Things You Should Do Now to Prepare for Your Own Funeral

You may have already buried several loved ones. And no doubt you can remember ‘good’ funerals or those that were something vile. These are those ones where you’ve had to listen to horrible stories. This includes family members talking derogatively about other family members. If you want to avoid any bitterness at your funeral there are a number of things you should be doing now. Prepare for your own funeral to avoid any bitterness and discontent among your own family.

The truth is, nobody, not even young people, know when they will die. Being unprepared can cause so much unhappiness and tear families apart.

There are some things that you should do to prepare for your own funeral –


  1. Prepare Now – Shop around for Funeral Cover

Funerals can cost R7 000 but they can also cost R70 000. You can pay thousands of Rands less just by shopping around for the best funeral cover. Do research on several funeral homes and get quotes. You’ll notice that many funeral homes are reluctant to reveal prices, but you can ask them for prices. Take note of costs and make alterations as you change your mind over the years.


  1. Prepare Now – Put Your Requests down on Paper

To avoid your family bickering over whether you should be buried, cremated, have a green funeral or have your ashes scattered over the sea, make sure you put down in writing what you want. Decide on a Prepare for Your Own Funeralreception style you want or decide not to have one at all.

Many people have very specific preferences for how their funeral should take place.  You can write detailed instructions about your funeral and let your family know where they can find the information or you can include the information in your will.

You can make arrangements in advance with a funeral home, while being very careful of pre-paid funeral plans. This is because many a funeral home has gone under, taking the money of their clients with them.


  1. Prepare Now – Make your Requests Legal

If you want to be absolutely sure that your funeral requests are carried out, make them legal.  Do a Google search and you’ll find a number of notaries in your area.


  1. Prepare Now – Start Saving for your Funeral Today

The cost of a funeral isn’t set in stone – the price depends on how simple or lavish you want your funeral to be. There is a lot to planning a funeral unless you opt to go with a direct burial or cremation – then its much more affordable.

If however, you want a traditional funeral, you have to think of things such as coffin, transport, death certificate, funeral director fees, the cost of the burial plot, flowers and music among other expenses. Whatever you have in mind, start putting money away so your kids won’t have to find the money to pay for your burial or cremation.

If you don’t save money yourself, take out a funeral plan that will take care of your funeral in the future.


  1. Prepare Now – Plan to Donate your Body to Science

You may like the idea of your body being used for medical research and to educate medical students. Get hold of the university in the area you live in and await a registration letter and information of what all is expected. All costs are borne by the medical school.


  1. Prepare Now – Involve your Loved Ones

Let your children and other family members join in with your discussions on your funeral. They may provide input of value, and it can make your funeral extra special to have their influence. Involving family in a light-hearted way before your death can make a traumatic time far more bearable.

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