Keepsakes Made from a Loved one’s Ashes

Society has changed a lot over the past decade. Ideas around death, funerals and disposal of ashes have changed too. And some bizarre ideas have come to replace the more sombre burials and cremations we know. Crazy burial fads and fancies are becoming more common. People are looking for remarkable ways to take their leave of Planet Earth.

Some of the weird ways of disposing of one’s remains make us think they have come straight out of a sci-fi movie, and maybe some of them have. Today you can choose to have your remains turned into a vinyl record or maybe mixed up with some paint and painted into your favourite spot. The list goes on as people try to think of unique and different ways of saying their final farewells.

Human Ashes Into JewelleryFrom Ashes into a Diamond?

It’s gone on record of a woman who planned to turn the ashes of her husband into a diamond. She found the idea attractive, believing that she could carry a little piece of him around wherever she went. She contacted the diamond company in the UK and ordered a ring of .75 carats in canary yellow, sending them the 100 g of her husband’s ashes by post and paying a deposit of £2 500.

It may sound incredible to many, but the turning of ashes into a diamond is not that difficult as both human ashes and the substances comprised of a diamond have carbon element in them. A natural diamond is formed underground where carbon undergoes great heat and pressure. The ashes are heated to 1300C and get compressed at 10,000 tons for every square inch. They form a diamond crystal. This is chemically indistinguishable from natural stones.

Everyone’s ashes are unique because their chemical make-ups are different. This means the size; the colour and the clarity will be different from another. However, usually, the natural colour of diamonds that come out of human ashes are a kind of canary yellow colour. This is because of the content of nitrogen in the ashes.

Become an Ornament

Sometimes people don’t like to just scatter ashes in a garden or somewhere close to where they once lived because they move away eventually. Another woman in the UK discovered this and decided to convert the ash that was her husband into a memorial ornament. She just packs him in bubble wrap and takes him to the next place. She leaves the small sculpture in her kitchen, and whenever she is cooking, she sees the sculpture and feels a connection to her departed husband.

Remember that turning your loved one’s ashes into keepsakes such as a diamond will come with a hefty price tag. The whole concept of turning ashes-into-diamonds in the US costs about $4,500.

In Death, You can Still be Creative

There are many ways for you to choose on how you want to remember your loved one or be remembered yourself. Be it a sculpture, a diamond or your traditional burial or cremation, the technology available to us today simply encourages us to be as creative as we like.

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