People Look for Low Cost Options to Bury the Dead

September 21, 2018

The costs of burials and cremations can really annoy people. Death is a costly business and low-cost options are hard to find.

People are looking at ways to find affordable yet dignified ways to say goodbye to family members.

They don’t want the fancy headstone, the embalming and the expensive lunches and teas afterwards. There are actually many ways for people to reduce the costs of funerals. However, this will take some consideration and planning.

Low Cost – Don’t Pay for Unnecessary Extras

You don’t want to flounder when someone dies. Some people don’t plan ahead and make provision for their death. So they leave their family members bickering. By planning wisely you also avoid those unnecessary extras you don’t want or need.

People should be open about what they want. When money is tight, a smaller funeral within your monetary limitations will be a wise choice.

The average cost for a basic, traditional funeral is in the region of R8, 9 or R10,000 but there are other less expensive options if you do your research. In South Africa, the burial ceremony is so important that more people in South Africa having funeral cover than medical aid.

Low Cost – Be Wary of Inferior Services from Fly-By-Night Undertakers

The huge number of deaths and the high funeral costs as well as the 2 year waiting period for government permission to start a funeral home has meant many fly-by-night funeral services mushrooming up. They offer below-par services which are super cheap and people are readily accepting this.

Fly-by-night undertakers operate without a licence and could care less to provide proper services – they are mainly in it to make money, and fast. There are however a number of businesses who legitimately offer low-cost, no-frills funerals and people are using them big time.

Low Cost – Cheap and Available

In the UK, some funeral homes started in 2010, offering a ‘direct’ cremation funeral for a cost of £969. For this you get transport of the body, a private committal at the crematorium without a minister and the next of kin get the ashes in an urn. In the UK there are also charities willing to advise on DIY funeral options for under £1,000. These are for people who are upset with directors who offer ‘cheap’ offerings and then ask between £3,000 and £5,000.

Low Coat – Bury Your Loved one in the Back Garden?

The direct funeral option looks set to grow at this rate, with people being more than content to bury their loved ones in sturdy cardboard boxes. In fact garden burials at home are legal in Britain, which makes things really cheap. Burial on private land is quite straightforward and devoid of many of the usual restrictions and legalities. You do, however, have to make sure, according to the Environment Agency, that the burial is well away from specific types of ground water.

There is a mystery surrounding what one does when selling the house. Does anyone want to buy a home where people have just recently been buried? Exhuming bodies can also set you back £7,000, and even though a home-garden burial is much cheaper, there are still certain essential regulations that apply.

What is Your Idea of a Low-Cost Funeral?

What are you doing and where are you looking to find the best funeral you can? The one that is elegantly simple and affordable and which can be tailored to include all the features you deem necessary for your departed loved one is what everyone is looking for.

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