A Leader among Providers – Doves Funeral Services

Doves Funeral Services are here to alleviate the poor service delivery that people in South Africa are getting used to.

One area where they expect to get proper assistance is with the death of their next of kin. It’s a distressing time. It is certainly NOT a time when you’ve got clarity of thought.

This is all the more reason for you to choose the best funeral service providers. They will think for you at this time, and steer you calmly through stormy waters. Doves Funeral Services are like that. They simply take over the reins and do everything for you.

The Largest Funeral Directing Company you can Trust

Doves Funeral Services were established in 1883 and are one of the largest funeral directing companies in Southern Africa. Their excellent array of products, services and the

Doves Funeral Services

professionalism they display has helped them reach this position.

They are the founding member of the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) and the Funeral Federation of South Africa (FFSA), and they have had a huge influence on the structure of the funeral industry.  Today Doves runs a national network of branches in each of the 9 provinces in South Africa, providing funeral services and insurance.

They offer all the funeral services that people want, and these are:

●   Burials and cremations – Doves Funeral Services also provides quality coffins, caskets and accessories and these come at affordable prices. Everything that Doves offers takes into account that there are people with different budgets and different tastes, and they are there to serve their customers. They offer basic and sophisticated proudly-South-African products – designed to suit the rainbow nation’s varied expectations.
●   Caring for the deceased.
●   Funeral insurance.
●   Repatriation.
●   Memorials.
●   Embalming.
●   Home funeral arrangements.

Another reason why Doves is a leader among funeral service providers is that they don’t just offer these essential services, they offer other smaller services, but which would be considered as essential by those who are grieving and who don’t have the inclination to do anything themselves. Some of these are –

●   Cover for the unforeseen. Doves Funeral Services know that death is not something that is planned. It comes for anyone – young and old, male and female and the sick and the healthy. It doesn’t keep a calender and if it comes when you least expect it, the costs will be too terrible to contemplate. Doves have got some very affordable funeral insurance packages which are attractive to people from all walks of life.
●   Registration of death. The death of your next of kin needs to be registered within 5 days. Doves also offers assistance with administration of policy claims.
● Doves offers repatriation services – they provide transport for human remains from the place where the person died, which can be in any of South Africa’s neighbouring countries to wherever they need to be in South Africa.
●   Doves will help you with the choice of a headstone.
●   Grave removals or exhumation.

Doves Funeral Services – A Wise Investment

There are many funeral service providers in South Africa, but Doves is one of South Africa’s best, and when you allow them to handle your funeral, you have made the investment of a lifetime.

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