Grobbelaars Funeral Cover Options

Grobbelaars Funeral Cover Options have two main funeral cover plans that you can choose from.

They are both great funeral cover options that you can rely on although one plan has a few more benefits than the other.

Generation Burial Option is the one plan and the other is the Four seasons funeral growth plan.

Choosing a funeral plan can be confusing at the best of times but that’s why Grobbelaars give you options.

Information about the two Grobbelaars funeral cover options:

GrobbelaarsGeneration burial option

The Generation burial option funeral cover from Grobbelaars is a basic funeral cover that will cover up to 12 family members.

This will include the main member, the spouse and then 10 other family members like children or extended family members. The Generation burial option is affordable for most households.

The Generation burial option has three sub-options to choose from where you can get benefits from R10 000 to R18 000. Depending on your needs.

Money will be paid out 48 hours after all the correct documents are received and processed. You will also have benefits like transportation of the body within South Africa.

The waiting period for natural death is 6 months for people aged between 18-64 years. And, a waiting period of 9 months for people from 65-85. There are no medical or HIV tests to get approval for the funeral cover.

Four Seasons funeral growth plan

With the Four seasons funeral growth plan, you get some great benefits for as little as R35 per month. Also there’s no medical or HIV testing done, before approval.

And, you’ll get your money within 24 hours after receiving the correct documents and other information.

With this funeral growth plan you will get a R200 air time voucher to make all the funeral arrangements if you use Grobbelaars funeral services. You will also get special discount on coffins and services if you use only Grobbelaars funeral services for the funeral.

Another great thing with the Four Season’s funeral growth plan, is that you get  R1000 after three years provided there were no claims made during the three years, if your premiums were paid on time, and if you are not in arrears.

This is something that you will receive every three claim-free years. You can even add two domestic workers to the funeral plan. Only people below the age of 83 may apply for the Four season’s funeral growth plan.

It is important to make sure that you get the right funeral plan that suits you and your family best. Grobbelaars financial services have two different funeral plan options to make the decision easier.

Don’t forget – you will have three other options about the payment that you or your family will receive after the death of a family member and the premiums that you will pay.

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