Dignity PSA Funeral Cover – Designed for your needs

Dignity PSA funeral cover is designed for people who are members of the PSA union which is an organisation solely for people employed by the government.

As a member of this union you will receive extra benefits and options not normally available.

There are three different options when it comes to Dignity PSA funeral cover, so you can choose the one that suits your lifestyle best.

There are no HIV tests or any other medical examinations to get approval for this funeral cover.

 The three different options of the Dignity PSA funeral cover –

The Plus Plan

The Dignity PSA funeral cover Plus Plan is the cheapest option with the premium starting at only R39.50 per month. This plan offers R12 000 cover for the main member and R10 000 cover for the spouse.

Children age between 14-21 will get cover from R7 500. Children aged between 6-13 will get R3 000. Babies from one and 11 months get R1 000.

With this option you have a 6 month waiting period plus you can add an unlimited amount of extended family members.

Dignity PSA Funeral CoverThe Premium Plan

With the Dignity PSA funeral cover Premium Plan the premium is from R97.50 per month and offers R20 000 family cover.

This plan gives R20 000 to the main member, R20 000 for the spouse and from R10 000 per child. The amount of money that you get per child depends on the age of the child.

With the Premium Plan you have a 9 months waiting period and you can also add an unlimited amount of extended family members to the policy.

The 50 Plan

The Dignity PSA funeral cover 50 Plan is actually the most popular funeral cover you can get from Dignity.

The premium of the 50 Plan starts at R159 per month and has a benefit of R50 000 for the main member. It will also cover the spouse for R50 000.  For children, the cover is from R7 000 to R18 000 depending on the age.

The one added cover with the 50 Plan that you don’t get from the other plans is the R2000 for a stillborn. There is a waiting period of 6 months with the 50 Plan however you will have an unlimited amount of extended family members with this policy.


So what Dignity PSA plan should you choose? Which one will give you best value? If you are trying to decide between the different Dignity PSA funeral options, then you should consider getting the 50 Plan.

By choosing a funeral policy from Dignity PSA you’ll have a generous choice of options.

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