Clientele Funeral Plan Pays Out a Lump Sum

The Clientele Funeral Plan will pay out a lump sum money in case of a family death and for only an R99 per month premium. Get Clientele funeral quotes now to prove it.

If the death were accidental, then the payment would be double. This deal is a fantastic offer when one considers the low premiums.

Your family can then use the money to pay for the funeral and other expenses there might be because of your untimely death (or the death of a family member).

Some reasons why you should get Clientele funeral quotes

Clientele Funeral QuotesFree airtime to the value of R200 

Once you have the funeral plan, and someone in your family dies, then you will not only get the assured lump sum, but you will also get R200 airtime.

This airtime is for you to to make funeral arrangements and phone family members informing them of the unfortunate death.

Add up to 13 people –

With the Clientele funeral plan, you can add up to 13 family members to one policy. This feature makes the monthly premium much lower.

Should any of the thirteen nominated people die, then you will receive a cash payout for each death. Funerals are expensive, and every little bit of money helps.

More reasons –

The Unveiling Benefit. This benefit is to assist in the transportation of the body and allow some of the direct family members to go with the body. This feature lowers costs and helps the family in making the funeral easier.

Grocery Benefit. The deceased’s family will get a monthly payment they can use for buying groceries. This money will be payable for 12 months before it falls away.

With Clientele funeral cover you will pay a premium that starts from R99 and will pay out a lump sum of up to R30 000 that will double in case of accidental death.

There are many more benefits available from Clientele and these are just a small sample.

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All info was correct at time of publishing