Cashback Funeral Insurance from AVBOB

The cost of living is becoming such that every penny counts. Funerals are expensive affairs. Without cashback funeral insurance in place, you may have to consider a pauper funeral.

The beauty about Cashback Funeral Cover is that you save the expense of a funeral.  Every five years without a claim, you’ll get that particular year’s premiums back in full.

With AVBOB a Funeral Need Never be a Crisis

But that’s not all. The AVBOB Cashback Lifestyle insurance offers whole life insurance for adults right up to the age of 80. You’ll find that most life insurance providers won’t accept your application for funeral cover if you are over the age of 65.


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People just love being part of a reputable funeral insurance provider. AVBOB is Africa’s largest one-stop funeral insurance and burial service.  Just by being a member with AVBOB along with the other 4,6 Cashback Funeral Insurance from AVBOBmillion members, you stand in line for so many free benefits.

Cashback Funeral Insurance Benefits from AVBOB

  • If you die as a result of an accident, you benefit from a double payout.
  • Disability or dread disease cover.
  • You’ll get a payout of up to R500 000 if you become disabled, or discover you have a critical illness.
  • You can decide on the level of cover you want and who you want to cover.
  • You can add as many of your children, step-children or adopted children as you want. The beauty of this cashback funeral insurance is that you only pay for one child.
  • Parent benefit – cover your parents as well. You can add your spouse’s parents if your spouse is on your policy.
  • Spouse benefit. If you want, you can include your spouse on a separate plan.
  • You get easy premium payment options that suit you such as cash or debit order for instance.
  • You enjoy additional benefits such as Extended Family Benefit and Breadwinner Benefit as examples. When the insured dies, the insured’s family will remain covered, and they won’t have to have a medical examination. With the Extended family benefit, up to 6 family members can be added, from siblings right up to grandchildren as well as a second spouse.
  • From as little as R100 per month enjoy the host of benefits that the Cashback Lifestyle from AVBOB has to offer.


Cashback Funeral Insurance – So Incredibly Rewarding

With Cashback Lifestyle, in the event of death and provided you don’t put in a claim during the first six months of taking out the cashback funeral insurance, you’ll get a payout in keeping with the time you’ve had your policy. Between 6 month t 12 months you’ll get 25%, 50% between 12 and 18 months and 75% between 12 and 18 months. Once you’ve had the policy for more than two years, you’ll get 100% payout.

With so much coming your way, why not call AVBOB now on +27 12 303 1000 and start benefiting in so many ways as well?

To get a FREE funeral cover quote, please complete and send the form on this page

All info was correct at time of publishing