Funeral Insurance for Singles

If you’re young and single, you may scoff at the idea of funeral insurance for singles. But death calls for babies, children, young people and older people anywhere, anytime. As a young person paying off a loan for studying or even for a new car, who do you think is going to pay off your debt if your life suddenly ends? Who will pay for your funeral?  Maybe it’s your parents who are not in a position to do so.

Even if you’re not married, your death will still have an impact on your family members left behind. It is far cheaper to buy an insurance policy when you’re young. Waiting to get cover until you’re married and maybe have children will make your plan much more expensive. Also, the older you get, the more likely you are to become ill, and this could push up your premiums.

Burial costs can be a tidy sum. The average funeral in South Africa costs about R7,000, and an amount like this can set your next of kin back.

Funeral Insurance for Singles is Cheap

The beauty about funeral insurance for singles is that they can get funeral cover from just R31 a month. Funeral Insurance for SinglesThe price is because Old Mutual offers a range of funeral plans which suit all kinds of people.

  • Individual Funeral Plans.
  • Parents Funeral Plan.
  • Family Funeral Plan.
  • Extended Funeral Plan.

Singles need to be a  permanent resident of South Africa to apply for funeral cover. They’ve got their ‘Pay When You Can’ option, which is for singles who don’t have a partner or a bank account. You can make payments in cash, and you enjoy cover for 14 months. You can include a partner with this plan if you want.

Old Mutual also offers Standard and Comprehensive Funeral Plans as well as the Care Plan, and these plans come with lots of value added benefits. Remember that you can get information about Old Mutual’s different plans can be made on 0860 607 000.

Your Single Lifestyle means You Pay Less

The single lifestyle is different from marriage, and this means that insurance needs differ too.  You want the funeral cover that is lower because you’re not paying for anybody else. With Old Mutual, you can choose an individual funeral cover that meets your coverage needs. They’ve got funeral health insurance plans that fit your single lifestyle. Anytime you want you can cover yourself, but if your life changes you can cover a spouse or partner, children, parents, parents-in-law as well as extended family members.

The Single Adult Family cover is perfect for a parent who is single to cover themselves and their kids. They don’t have to fork out money for a wife or husband they don’t  have. The plans offer benefits that single- and married people can use such as the Terminal Illness-, cashback benefit as well as the education- and grocery benefit.


Even as a single person, maybe with kids or maybe with no kids, you’ll have family feuds and hostilities escalating when you pass on, and next of kin has to find the money to pay for your funeral. Remember the clock is always running and nobody knows when death will come for you.

Funeral insurance for singles from a well-established provider like Old Mutual provides your family with the strength and support they need when your final hour comes.

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All info was correct at time of publishing