Pre-paid Funeral Plans in SA

Funeral planning is not a hot topic when you’re enjoying life. Unfortunately, nobody can know their hour of death. So it makes sense for everyone, even young people, to have a good pre-paid funeral plans.

These funeral plans offer a host of benefits that you can take advantage of, even when you’re still in your  20’s or 30’s. Make sure that everything is planned in advance. By having a good look at what each funeral insurance company offers, you won’t leave your family with the financial burden of paying for your funeral.

Pre-paid Funeral Plans in SA – How is Your Money Invested?

There are different costs and offerings from each funeral insurance company. Make sure you discover the full range of options available from each of the different providers. This way you get the best possible price. Think about what kind of services and products you want at your funeral. And make sure the plan you chooses has these offerings included.

Whichever plan you invest in, choose your company carefully. You want to know how they spend the money you pay them each month. You want to know what offerings you can expect from them in return. ABVOB, Old Mutual, Nedbank, Liberty and Assupol are among South Africa’s largest and most reputable insurance providers. Find out about the variety of offerings each one offers. There are comparison Pre-paid Funeral Plans in South Africawebsites which allow you to compare. You can then pick out the plan that fits within your budget.

Pre-paid Funeral Plans in SA – Basic Offerings or Full-House?

Each of these companies offers different plans. They offer standard plans to fully comprehensive plans. The standard plan is available in most businesses and helps to cover various basic services and items. With the standard plan, you can expect to receive services such as the provision of the hearse to the cemetery, a decent coffin as well as attending to the death papers.

When you start looking at the more comprehensive plan, you need to look at the prices and the services offered. These plans are more expensive than the standard package, but will provide more services. You may even receive a limousine as well as general allowances for those essential 3rd party costs. AVBOB, Liberty, Nedbank, Assupol and Old Mutual all offer standard- and comprehensive plans.

AVBOB tries to make it their goal to offer members more than the other funeral insurance providers. Their offerings include everything – from helping you fill in forms to arranging the entire funeral. From just R37 a month, AVBOB like to refer to themselves as your one-stop-funeral-shop. For such a small sum, they think of everything, from artificial wreaths to tents and chairs to artificial grass and so much more.

Pre-paid Funeral Plans in SA – Reputation is a Key Aspect

Whether you choose AVBOB, Liberty, Old Mutual, Assupol or Nedbank because of their particular offerings, they are all members of the National Funeral Director’s Association (NFDA), which means that whatever you settle on, their products and services are above-board and reputable.

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