A Good Funeral Plan for South Africans

One often only thinks of a good funeral plan or policy when it’s too late.

You find yourself having to arrange the funeral of a loved one at short notice. Amidst all the grief, tension and confusion, you realise the cost of the funeral is much more than you can afford. A good funeral plan is what you need.

Unfortunately, access to the loved one’s funds is also temporarily suspended until the executor winds up the estate.

There are quite a few funeral plans available in South Africa, so shop around until you find one that suits you.

Old Mutual has been around since 1845 and is the largest and most trusted provider. They offer excellent funeral cover for all South Africans. They give you the choice of 3 plans –

  • Funeral Care Plan, with premiums from R31 per month, and cover starting at R50 000.
  • Standard Funeral Plan, with premiums from R38 per month, and cover starting at R70 000.
  • Comprehensive + Plan, with premiums from R39 per month, and cover from R70 000.


Good Funeral Plan Benefits

  • Good Funeral PlanAccidental Death Cover – if your death is due to an accident, Old Mutual pays out your family without any waiting periods applying.
  • Double Accidental Death Cover – you increase your benefit if you die as a result of an accident.
  • Money Back Benefit – guaranteed money back of all the premiums paid if death occurs within the first six months.
  • Premium Holiday – so you can miss up to 6 premiums during the life of your policy, and your plan will not lapse.
  • Restart Benefit – if your plan does lapse, then under certain conditions you can restart it.
  • Cash back Benefit – after every 36 paid premiums, you will get a cash lump sum back.
  • Paid-Up Benefit – so if the insured person dies, or suffers a recognised disability, the cover will continue.
  • Retirement Paid-Up Benefit – when you turn 65, your premiums will stop, but the cover will stay.
  • Terminal Illness Benefit – on the diagnosis of a terminal illness, 50% will be paid out immediately if you are expected to die within 12 months.
  • Grocery Benefit – for 12 months after your death, your family will receive a cash benefit per month, for groceries.
  • Education Benefit – your family, will receive cash each month for 12 months, to help towards your children’s education.
  • More Cover Benefit – you will get 10% more cover at no extra cost if your cover is more than R50,000.
  • More4U – this benefit applies to all the plans.


More4U Benefits

  •   Health and well-being management for the whole family.
  •   Trauma, assault, and HIV assistance.
  •   Funeral support – helps with the provision and arrangement of the funeral.
  •   Education support – help for your children with their homework.
  •   Medical response – help for you and your kids in an emergency.
  •   Financial wellness – helps you improve your finances, and credit status.
  •   Legal wellness helpline.
  •    Transport of body to the funeral home, free accommodation for the relative accompanying the body, the death certificate, and other legal documentation.


Each plan has its set of these benefits.

Other useful information for such a good funeral plan from Old Mutual includes:

  • Low monthly premiums.
  • No health questions or blood tests necessary.
  • You may cancel within the first 30 days.
  • Pays out within 48 hours on receipt of all necessary documentation.
  • The premiums and cover increase each year according to the Consumer Price Index, so as to keep pace with inflation.



With the high costs of funerals, footing the bill becomes easier when you have taken out this good funeral cover from Old Mutual.

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All info was correct at time of publishing