Metropolitan Family Funeral Plan

The Metropolitan Family Funeral Plan might be just the burial plan you need.

That is because it is affordable for you and your family. It provides cover up to R50 000. What is great about this plan is that you can receive coverage without the need for a medical examination first.

If you should pass away, your family won’t have to carry on paying to keep the benefits intact; the cover will still be there.

If the policyholder dies in an accident, the immediate cover comes into play. Remember that you must provide valid documentation, such as ID of the loved one and death certificate, etc. This way you can speed up the payout process.

Who Benefits from Metropolitan family Funeral plan?

YMetropolitan family funeral planou might be asking what does ‘family’ actually mean?

Is the insurance only available to you and your partner? No, it extends far further.

You will have cover as well as your partner and any amount of children you may have. Your parents, as well as parents-in-law, will also enjoy cover, as well as up to 9 extended family members.

The premium that you will pay for funeral cover will depend on what level you select, how many people you want to have covered as well as their ages. Remember that all the members of your family you want covered need to be under the age of 85.

You won’t regret taking out the Metropolitan Family Funeral Plan – look at the many valuable benefits

  • The funeral benefit will help you cover funeral expenses of any of the covered persons who pass away
  • You will receive Accidental Death Benefit. That is applicable when any one of your immediate family passes away in an accident
  • The Paid-up Benefit – this is if the policy owner is the one who passes away, then the remaining family members won’t have to pay any more premiums. They will, however, still enjoy the benefit of cover


There is an optional benefit available to you which you could consider taking out. This is called the Automatic Inflation Management Benefit. This helps to protect the cover you have taken against increasing costs.

Waiting periods first

Once you have applied for the Metropolitan Family Funeral Plan cover, your cover will begin from the first day of the month that Metropolitan received your first premium.

There is a waiting period called the Funeral Cover Waiting Period. This is the amount of time that you do not have any funeral cover for the death of a loved one by natural causes.

Remember to read your policy document thoroughly so that you get to know all the terms and conditions Remember: you are investing in your future by taking out the Metropolitan Family Funeral Plan.

Don’t be Caught Off Guard

There is huge cost associated with a funeral – things like coffins, cremations, mortuary, catering, travel costs, tents, flowers, music and music equipment costs a small fortune. With the Metropolitan Family Funeral Plan, you simply have the funds to pay for all the funeral costs.

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