How a Zororo Moonlight Plan Helps Zimbabweans

The Zororo Moonlight plan is here to assist the many Zimbabweans living and working in South Africa.

They don’t always earn very much, so when a family member passes away, there is often a severe strain on the family finances to provide a dignified and decent funeral.

Also, living in a foreign country makes it more difficult as not everyone knows what the laws are and what legal documents you have to produce when someone dies.

A Zororo Moonlight plan is Designed to Help these people

Moonlight planThere is a special repatriation benefit assisting their families with transporting the body back to Zimbabwe for burial. Moonlight also takes care of all the required documentation and transportation arrangements.

The Zororo Moonlight plan is the largest funeral provider in Zimbabwe. They have offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town as well. They have been serving Zimbabweans for over 20 years and have more than 40 branches.

The Zororo Moonlight plan Covers your whole Family

Your partner and your children will all be on one policy. You can then take out an additional, very affordable plan for your parents and in-laws living in Zimbabwe.

A debit order facility for individuals is also available however you have to be a Zimbabwean living and working in South Africa.

Benefits of these Plans

  • Hearse – Choose between a Jaguar, Ford Ranger or Mercedes-Benz.
  • Casket – Includes a Dome, 2-tier or 3-tier coffin.
  • Grocery allowance – Moonlight deposits this straight into your account, or you can choose to receive it in cash.
  • Transport – A bus to take the mourners to the burial site. Choice of a 35 seater, or one that seats 65. The bus is only available for burials in Zimbabwe.
  • Tombstone – Moonlight arranges this with the family after the funeral.
  • Legal Documents – Moonlight assists you with all the documents necessary for the repatriation and the burial.
  • Cremation – There is a cremation option if this is your wish.
  • Video – A recording of the chapel and burial service will be provided to show family members who could not attend.
  • PA system – A public address system will be used at the chapel and the burial site if necessary.
  • Venue and seating – Tents, umbrellas, chairs, carpets are all provided.
  • Catering – Where water is scarce, Moonlight supplies water bottles.
  • Power supply – A Generator and fuel for two days will be on site.
  • A courtesy vehicle –  Only available for use in Zimbabwe, which can be used to do the arranging of the funeral, but only for short distances.
  • A lowering device – A mechanical winch will be available for lowering the casket into the grave.
  • A Counsellor – Bereavement counselling is available for the family members.


What Plans and Premiums Do They Have?

 The Moonlight Phumulani Bronze and what it includes:

  • Cover of R20,000
  • Premium for family is R155 per month and for extended family about R55 per person per month
  • Grocery benefit.R8,000
  • No generator
  • No courtesy car


The Moonlight Phumulani Silver and what it includes:

  • Cover of R25,000
  • Family premium of R175 per month
  • Single person R145 per month
  • Groceries R8,000
  • No generator


The Moonlight Phumulani Gold and what it includes:

  • Cover of R28,000
  • Family premium R185 per month
  • Single person R155
  • Groceries R8,000
  • All benefits


With these plans, waiting periods exist – natural death is three months, accidental death is one month and death by suicide is 24 months.

Zororo Moonlight Plan More Useful Information

  •  No medical examination is necessary.
  • Policy documents received within 45 days of the first payment.
  • Children stay on parent’s plan until they are 20 years old, students until they are 25.
  • Available to any Zimbabwean working and living in South Africa.
  • Any age from 18-59 can join.
  • You have cover if you are on holiday in Zimbabwe.
  • The policy will continue if you return to Zimbabwe.
  • Pay by debit order or cash at any Shoprite, Checkers, Pick n Pay, or Pep stores.
  • Debit order is best as it is automatic and you can’t skip payments.

For peace of mind, cover yourself, your family, your parents and your in-laws. Be able to provide them with the burial they deserve.

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All info was correct at time of publishing