Buy a Funeral Plan Online from Sanlam

If you’re looking to buy a funeral plan online, then the best place to start is with Sanlam’s icover. The range includes both funeral cover and accidental death cover. Sanlam assists your family during times of need, always ensuring the process is straightforward and user-friendly. They offer online quotes, in an instant, and that’s without paperwork, inconvenient medical testing, and sales callbacks. Today, it is so simple to buy a funeral policy online.

Buy a Funeral Plan Online – The Family Funeral Plan

The Family Funeral Plan covers you and your family for death by accident and natural causes, within the same policy.

Thinking about death is never pleasant. But planning ahead for when it does happen assures your family peace of mind and eases the financial pressure too.

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Buy a Funeral Plan Online from Sanlam

Sanlam pays out cash for claims for a funeral or any expenses that may arise. Its icover policy is so affordable and simple – you can get cover for only R25 per month – which gives you and your family up to a R40 000 payout for a funeral.

All you need to do is go online, select how much cover you need, and how many family members you would like covered by the policy, and the system will calculate your premium automatically; you don’t have to wait at all. And that’s not only in the application process; when processing claims, the payout process is just as straightforward and quick. Settlement takes 48 hours or less.

Who Does the Family Funeral Plan Cover?

With Sanlam icover, you cover your spouse or partner and your parents and in-laws. Plus you can add your siblings and children over 18 years of age to the policy.

Easy payment options

Instead of worrying each month about paying your instalments, Sanlam takes care of the hassle for you by setting up a convenient debit order. You decide the date that the payment goes through your account. So you take care of the payments, stress-free.

Accidental death

For as little as R55 per month (or less), you can get as much as R200 000 worth of accidental death cover for both you and your spouse.

Sometimes, accidents happen and even though no one wants to think about it, car crashes, fires, hijackings, murders, drownings, etc. are inevitable; unfortunately, these types of accidents happen often.

Even though there’s not much we can do about them we can plan ahead so that if they do happen, we are prepared financially. Sanlam assists its clients to be well prepared if a tragic accident does occur.

How do you claim?

The policyholder is the person who gets payment in the event of death. If the policyholder is the one who has died, then the pay-out will go to the dedicated beneficiary. If the beneficiary is still a minor, the pay-out will go to a legal guardian.

You will need to have all the correct documents ready in order to claim, so contact the call centre to find out what is required on 0861 235 433. Within 48 hours, Sanlam will advise whether the claim is successful.

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