Nedbank Funeral Plan Plus Offer Extensive Insurance

Most people are in agreement that there is nothing in life as important as family. If you are the breadwinner in your family, then funeral cover will assist you to support your family in the best way possible. Most funeral plans allow you to include not only yourself but also all the members of your family. And Nedbank Funeral Plan Plus is no exception.

Nedbank’s funeral insurance pays out claims quickly and gives its members instant access to its Value for Life programme. This plan assists family members with planning the funeral, giving them the necessary space to grieve, rather than worry about the little things.

Benefits of Nedbank Funeral Plan Plus

  • It is so straightforward and easy to apply. There is not much paperwork required.
  • You decide who gets the cover or choose a plan that covers you alone or also your immediate and extended family. You can even get cover for your domestic worker on your plan.
  • The payout that you receive will be tax-free.
  • You will not need to do an HIV test to get cover.

Nedbank Funeral Plan PLus

  • Claims will be paid out within 48 hours, as long as Nedbank receives the correct documents from you.
  • Members receive accidental death cover immediately after the first premium is paid.
  • Extra benefits, such as the Value for Life service, include transport to funerals; legal help; discount funeral packages; discounts on magazines; bus and movie tickets; airtime; DVDs; and much more.

It is impossible to “cover” all the uncertainties of life; however, taking out funeral cover is one way that you can plan for the inevitable.

How do you choose the right cover for you?

Choosing the right cover to suit you and your family can seem daunting at first. The first step is to determine what it is you want from your funeral plan. Do you only want to cover all the costs associated with the funeral?  Or, do you want a funeral policy that pays out as quickly as possible? For some, the most important thing is receiving help with organising the funeral.

How do I know it’s the right plan for me?

  • Already have a Nedbank transaction account.
  • You need the cover that is affordable.
  • You only need insurance for yourself.
  • There is only one person you would like to nominate as your beneficiary.


A small budget

Even if you have a minuscule budget to work with, do not worry. Nedbank can still assist you and your family with an affordable funeral policy. The Nedbank Funeral Plan Plus is uncomplicated to apply for and pays out R5 000.00 for the funeral; therefore, with just a little monthly contribution, everyone can afford to bury their loved ones.

It is possible to take out a Funeral Plan Plus for every bank account you have with Nedbank; you can also choose a different beneficiary for each account. Essentially, this is the funeral cover that is easy – both on your wallet and on your time.

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All info was correct at time of publishing