Get a Funeral Cover Policy from Sanlam

It is terrible to grieve the loss of a loved one and to have financial costs on your mind simultaneously. A funeral has become a hugely expensive event. So getting a funeral cover policy is essential for anyone who dreads the costs without one. South Africa has many excellent funeral cover providers, and a comparison site of these companies will help you find the best and most affordable deal.

When you’re doing research on funeral cover providers, Sanlam is a name that always comes up. That’s because they offer cheap funeral insurance products. They started in 1918, and their longevity speaks of doing something right. With almost a century of experience behind them, you can trust in a funeral policy from them being worthwhile.

Funeral Cover Policy – Truly Affordable Funeral Cover

Funeral Cover Policy from Sanlam

For many South Africans earning small salaries, they’ve got their very affordable iCover Family Funeral Plan. For just R25 a month this is seriously worth considering. Escpecially since you can get as much as R40 000 funeral cover. Choose the cover you need and include the family members you want to cover in your funeral plan. You can buy online.

More Funeral Cover Options:

My Choice Funeral Plan – the plan offers choices – you get five products:

  • Sanlam My Traditional Plan
  • Tribute Plan
  • Priority Plan
  • Legacy Plan
  • Prestige Plan

People enjoy looking at this funeral plan too because, from just R80 a month, you can give your loved ones an excellent send-off. The policy allows you to cover yourself, your family as well as extended family members. The plans also offer a host of benefits and the flexibility to choose the type of cover that suits your requirements. These benefits include cash back benefits and burial repatriation benefits among others. When the death of a family member occurs, it can be difficult to find 8, 9 or R10 000 for a reasonable funeral. Anyone between the ages of 18 and 74 can choose this plan.

Funeral Cover Policy – Getting a Quote is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

With Sanlam, you can get a funeral plan quote in just a few easy steps online. No medicals, no blood tests – just affordable, hassle-free funeral cover. When you get a funeral cover policy from Sanlam, you can also expect payment within 48 hours.

The beauty about a funeral cover policy from Sanlam is that you don’t have to fear certain life events stopping you from still having a decent funeral. If you lose your income, depending on the funeral cover package you’ve got,  your premiums will continue to be paid. Apart from receiving a pay out for a decent send-off when death occurs, Sanlam funeral cover comes with other extra benefits such as a transport benefit, a grocery benefit as well as R10,000 to honour the deceased with a tombstone.

Funeral Cover Policy – Don’t Wait for Death to Score

Sanlam doesn’t want you to wait for death to start benefiting – they’ve got benefits for you to enjoy while you’re still alive. The loyalty benefit will see that your first 12 months of premiums will be paid back to you if your policy has been active for five years.  Or any other way you see fit.

With such a win-win situation, what are you waiting for – with a funeral policy from Sanlam you can at last live a carefree lifestyle without fretting about funeral costs rising every year.

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