Getting Internet Quotes for a Funeral Plan from Old Mutual

There are still people in this day of enlightenment who believe that to buy insurance you need to go into the company’s offices, stand in long queues and negotiate. Not at all. Now you can get internet quotes for a funeral plan online.

With a swipe of your finger across your phone’s screen, you can buy food, order groceries and buy insurance in a jiffy. If that weren’t easy enough, consumers who are connected to the Internet know that many companies have gone a step further. They now offer apps that customise coverage further.

Internet Quotes for a Funeral Plan

The Old Mutual Group started out in 1845, and today they serve more than 18 million customers in South Africa, Africa and in other parts of the world. For more than a century Old Mutual have been keeping up with the changing times, ensuring their customers enjoy products and services designed for modern times. With Old Mutual, there’s no standing around in queues – you just go online, get internet quotes for a funeral plan from Old Mutual and make your choice – that’s how easy it is.

Old Mutual Offers Plenty of Online Information

Internet Quotes for a Funeral Plan

When you look at Old Mutual’s funeral plans, you’ll find their Funeral Care Plan is from just R31 a month. You’ll find information about the Standard Plan as well as their Comprehensive Plan. You’ll also find details about their More4U Plan and their Burial Society Support Plan which is suited for churches, stokvels, NGOs and clubs for instance. The Burial Society Support Plan also has access to More4U and their benefits. You’ll also find useful information on Old Mutual’s Greenlight Final Expenses Benefit range, allowing you to protect your partner, children and extended family. You can choose term- or whole life cover and can expect payouts of between R5 000 and R100 000.

With Old Mutual, it is easy and convenient getting Internet quotes for a funeral plan. You can apply for a funeral plan online by filling in the form Old Mutual provides for you. Or you can also telephone Old Mutual or email them. You may even be interested in buying insurance, and you want to know how much it will cost. They have their insurance calculator which will allow you to get a quick online quote. For a personalised quote, fill in your details online. You’ll find the questions are easy to answer.

Questions Asked When Getting Internet Quotes for a Funeral Plan

– Is your gender male or female?
– do you smoke?
– what level of education have you completed?
– what is your occupation?

Planning a funeral without a plan from a reputable company can be frightening. Why not make this one final event something organised, orderly and dignified. By taking just a few minutes to fill in a funeral plan form, Old Mutual will then get back to you to discuss an appropriate funeral plan with you.

You get it ALL from Old Mutual

You can be 100% sure you’re going to get a funeral plan that suits your lifestyle perfectly. In the 21st century, people are demanding convenience and assistance, and Old Mutual is here to offer you both.

To get a FREE internet quote for a funeral plan, just complete and send the form on this page


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