Get a Quote Online for a Funeral Plan

With all the insurance available today, it’s difficult to determine what is essential and what is not.

Taking out funeral cover means that your family, or whoever your beneficiaries are, will receive a lump-sum payout. Fortunately, you can  get a quote online for a funeral plan to see what you can get.

With the current high cost of living, coupled with the increasing cost of a basic funeral, it makes sense to plan ahead and take out a comprehensive funeral plan.

It also makes sense to make sure the funeral cover you do take out covers you and members of your family, if necessary.

Hippo allows you to compare quotes online, in a few simple steps, in order to find the best plan for your family.

Quote Online for a Funeral Plan

Online Quote for a Funeral Plan

While you’re looking for the perfect cover online, there are a few basic terms and conditions that apply to most funeral plans. Here is a list of things to consider when taking out funeral cover online:

  • Why is it necessary to invest in a funeral policy?

Even though nobody wants to think about death and funerals, it’s an inevitable fact of life; planning ahead ensures that you won’t have the added financial pressure of paying for an expensive funeral at an already difficult time. It also means that if you die, your family won’t have to come up with the money either.

  • Do you need to do a medical exam to get funeral cover?

No, you do not have to do a medical test.

  • What does a funeral plan cover exactly?

Essentially, a funeral plan provides a lump-sum payment when you die. Some policies offer family cover, which pays out if a member of your family, covered by your plans, dies, for example, your spouse, child, mother-in-law, etc.

  • What do funeral plans cost?

Funeral plan premiums differ from plan to plan and depend on the type of cover you choose as well as how many people you decide to include in your cover.

  • How long does cover last?

You have cover until your death. If you have a family cover or extended family cover, they have cover for as long as you are alive and paying your premiums. Your children, who fall under immediate-family cover, will also have cover for as long as you are alive or until they turn 21 years old. Sometimes, your children’s cover can extend beyond 21. For example, when your child is mentally or physically disabled, or if he or she is still studying, etc.

Quote Online for a Funeral Plan

There is a lot of jargon relating to insurance policies; here are a few terms worth knowing if you are considering taking out cover:

Administrator: The person in charge of the deceased’s estate.

Beneficiary: The person who receives the payout.

Codicil: A change made to a will.

Contest: When the will is questioned.

Bequest: Property left to someone in a will.

A burial permit: This is a document that is sometimes needed to bury or cremate a body.

A death certificate: This is a certificate that needs to be signed by the coroner, which certifies a death.

Intestate: This means no will was left.

Liabilities: Any debts left behind.

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