Top Places to Get Funeral Plans in South Africa

The primary purpose of a funeral plan is to collect payments from members and then provide pay-outs when those members need it most – at the time of death in the family. There are several top places to get funeral plans from major companies.

But in South Africa, there are also ways to save informally for a funeral with many people choosing stokvels as a method of saving for a funeral.

Saving with a funeral insurance company has extra benefits that come along with the funeral policy. Some funeral plans even have benefits that you can enjoy while you are still alive.

Here is a list of a few of the top places to get funeral plans:


That is the biggest privately-owned insurance provider and one of the most well-known in the country. The company also has a diverse offering, including plans starting at R10 000 worth of cover going all the way up to policies that provide R75 000 worth of cover. The plans also offer cover to extended family members, including your partner or spouse, children, parents and other family members. Hollard cover is accessible without having to endure a medical exam and it’s open to anyone between 18 and 75 years old. The extras include a memorial benefit, vehicle benefit, a money-back advantage, and loads more. Certainly, Hollard is one of the top places to get funeral plans.

Top Places to Get Funeral Plans in South Africa



Doves is a funeral home that began operation as far back as 1883. It is also one of the largest funeral homes in the country and was, in fact, one of the founding members of the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA). Doves provide a very broad range of services, including burials and cremations, as well as repatriation of bodies, and embalming, among other things.


Clientele became famous withs its Lasting Dignity adverts on the television. They are a well-established and respected firm in South Africa. No matter what your age, please contact Clientele. They will most likely be able to help with funeral cover.


Liberty has a burial plan that pays out a lump sum for any funeral-related expenses. This insurance giant is among the top places to get funeral plans in South Africa. It also has several plans available. These include the Comprehensive, Burial, Extended Family, Parent and Standard Funeral Plans. Moreover, Liberty offers a medical gap cover plan that carries any costs that might arise that are not covered by your medical aid scheme.


Assupol began operating in 1913 and was the first insurance company to offer its members a payout within 48 hours. The company has two different funeral plans: the Excellence Family Funeral Plan and the Absolute Advantage Family Funeral Plan.


Sanlam is one of the biggest insurers in the country and also one of the most established and affordable. You can take out an insurance policy with Sanlam from as little as R80/month. It offers customised funeral plans. Among these is the My Choice Funeral Plan. All plans are created to suit each client’s unique needs.


AVBOB is also a member of the NFDA and subsequently follows a specific code of conduct. What’s more, AVBOB has a call centre that is open 24 hours a day., And it has 150 branches around the country, meaning that it is one of the most accessible insurers around. AVBOB has an extensive range of plans on offer and offers its member loads of extra benefits.

Due to the increase in the cost of funerals in South Africa, it does make sense to invest in a policy from a trusted insurer. By choosing one of the abovementioned insurers, your future will be secure.

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