Metropolitan Future Builder

How does the Metropolitan Future Builder Plan Benefit You?

  • You can choose different time periods to save in
  • You can save towards anything – travel, education, retirement
  • Also, you benefit from a steady investment growth
  • You can choose a beneficiary
  • Your Savings are Protected from Life Events


Metropolitan Future Builder

Metropolitan wants to help you towards saving for a better future. Whether it is saving for your child’s education or seeing your retirement savings grow, Metropolitan offers different savings plans to help you reach your savings goals. You can trust Metropolitan – they are one of the most trusted companies in South Africa.

There isn’t anything more stressful than financial dire straits – not being able to pay your bills, and worse, never being able to do any of the things you dream of.

Saving towards a Better Future

Metropolitan is a company in South Africa and they inform their clients that by saving they can enjoy a better future. They offer a range of savings plans to help their customers reach their savings goals. Whether short or long term, you’re saving towards a goal.


Let’s look at some aspects of the Metropolitan Future Builder Plan –

  • The Metropolitan future builder savings- or education plan is a great way of investing in your education. It is available to men not older than 70 years of age and to women below the age of  77 years.


  • The FutureBuilder Savings Plan is available to men younger than 70 years old and women younger than 77 years old.    With an education policy, you invest in a monthly premium, starting at R200 and pay this over a certain period of time.  It can be a term of between 5 and 15 years.  The policy grows in value, and after a certain period, you will have access to a cash withdrawal each year without incurring any penalties. This can be useful as it allows you to settle education costs as you progress to another level of education.


  • The Automatic Inflation Management Benefit ensures your savings keep up with inflation. You can opt to increase your savings amount each year by a certain percentage.


  • Other benefits include the Premium waiver on Death and on Disability. These benefits protect your savings from life events. If you die, Metropolitan will continue making contributions for you and also pay out your savings to the beneficiary you nominated. Also, if you become disabled and can’t work, Metropolitan will continue making contributions until the end of the term of saving. Also if you become unemployed, with the Contribution pause, you can discontinue your monthly contributions for a certain time, provided the plan has a certain value.


More Aspects

  • At the end of the investment term, you receive the balance of your investment to pay for your education fees. The longer you save, the lower the premiums are to meet your financial goal.


  • A benefit is that customers are rewarded for keeping the policy in force with a loyalty bonus. This guarantees more money at the end of the investment term. A perk is that you don’t pay any tax on your withdrawals or your maturity pay-out.


Saving means Building Wealth

With the Future Builder Plan, you can be living up to what Metropolitan is all about.  Creating prosperity for all of Africa’s people.


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