Affordable funeral cover from Clientele for the whole family.

Clientele  offer funeral cover at a price you can afford. But what do you get if you invest in Clientele funeral cover?

  • A simple no-nonsense policy
  • Insure yourself and up to twelve other members
  • A choice of two plans
  • A chance to earn back all the premiums you paid
  • Plans that start at under R200 per month

Be prepared with Clientele funeral Cover 

One never knows when death may strike but we can prepare for it with Clientele funeral cover. It’s a stressful time when a family member dies. You also have to pay for the funeral arrangements as well which can cost a lot of money.

In South Africa, a very basic service is about R8 000. And the costs quickly add up. There’s the funeral expenses, flowers, church hall for the service, food and transport for mourners… the list goes on and on.

Clientele funeral Cover 

In the past, you would lodge your claim, and the funeral parlour would claim against your plan. Things have become a lot more complex now.

Clientele realises that there is a lot more to having a dignified funeral than just getting the casket sorted out. Their funeral plans not only pay for the funeral but also have practical benefits like R200 airtime and a grocery benefit.

You can be sure that your family will be well taken care of during this difficult time.

Clientele funeral Cover and What their Plans are

There are two plans to choose from. Both pay out claims within 24 hours instead of the normal 48 hours. Clientele understand that you need the cash quickly.

Both plans include a grocery benefit. This means that your family receive cash or vouchers every month for the next three months to help with the cost of groceries. If you are the main income earner for your family and you die, this is an important benefit. Your family can also choose this as a cash payout.

An unveiling benefit will be paid a year after the person dies and if the main member dies in an accident, the payout doubles.

You can cover up to 13 people on one plan. You have access to a helpline that assists with grief counselling and arranging for the body to come home. The company has links with a number of different funeral service providers.

The Clientele funeral Dignity Plan

A basic plan that starts at R110 per month. The total family cover is R110 000.

The Ultimate Dignity Plan

This plan starts at R155 per month. Cover for the primary member is R100 000 and cover for the family is R500 000. You can cover three of your children for free on this plan.

The main benefit of this plan is that Clientele pays all your premiums back to you. You get the first half when you turn 65. Upon your death, your family receive the remaining amount.

The claims process is quick and easy. All you do is contact the call center and provide proof of death, a copy of the deceased’s ID and a copy of the beneficiary’s ID. As long as all the documents are in order, the claim is paid out within 24 hours.

To get a funeral cover quote, just fill in the form on this page.

All info was correct at time of publishing