Doves – Insuring a dignified service.

Doves burial cover comes in a range of different plans, making it easier for you to find what you want. Doves is a household name in the funeral services industry.

What you can expect from Doves burial cover –

  • Tailor your plan to fit you exactly
  • Choose a simple low-cost service or a full-service burial
  • Doves provide a full repatriation service if required
  • Plans start at R44 per month

Doves burial Cover have All the Options you’re Looking for

Doves burial coverDoves provide practical insurance when you need it most. They are an established brand in this country and have used their experience to customise plans that make sense. Doves understand what a funeral can cost and their plans address this issue. The basic policy pays R5 000 in cover, and the comprehensive R51 000.

There are several products to choose from, and we will go through each of these options briefly –

Doves Zimba-Mzansi

Designed to cater for Zimbabweans, the company ensures that the deceased’s body makes it back home. You can insure yourself and members of your family living in South Africa.

Doves funeral Policy

Available for South African residents, cover starts from R44 per month and a once-off joining fee of R50.  You can insure yourself and your family.

Doves All Nations plan

This option enables you to cover up to 11 people and pays up to R19 500 cover.

Doves All Nations plus

This is extended cover amount. You can also cover up to ten members of your family and pays an amount of R30 000.

Doves Life plan

Up to R19 500 cover for yourself and your family and starts from just R90 monthly. The once-off joining fee of R50 applies here.

Doves All Nations 12 Burial Plan

This is a more comprehensive package that enables you to cover yourself and up to 11 others. Doves will arrange the full burial for you. This plan starts at around R190 per month.

You can tailor your package to get what you need. Many different levels of cover are available, allowing everyone to afford a dignified funeral service.

Depending on the level of cover you select, Doves is able to take care of the burial itself – from arranging the service, ensuring that mourners have transport and that everyone is properly fed on the day.

Doves burial Cover

Doves knows what it takes to give your loved one a proper farewell. They understand that the service is more than just a final goodbye– it is also a mark of the respect and love you had for the deceased.

A death in the family is a very trying time for everyone concerned and Doves handle your relatives with dignity and respect. They treat the deceased as they would want to be treated themselves.

Dove’s funeral services are very well priced and expertly managed – they have a proud history of serving the South African community.

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