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Life is completely unpredictable. So planning a funeral is not something that just the ill and aged should do.  Planning your own funeral is sensible. And in the UK it is also becoming known as ‘pay now, die later’. That is where you pay the funeral services provider. He or she then takes care of your funeral so that your family doesn’t have to cover the costs when you die. Apply online for funeral plan details now!

The benefit of a funeral plan is that you know that you can bury your loved ones with dignity and respect.

Many people are of the assumption that applying for a funeral policy is going to be a long, drawn out affair with lots of questions and documentation. Not at all.

First of all funeral plans are available to anyone under the age of 65 in South Africa. You have the option of comparing plans and choosing a plan that you can afford. Standard Bank offers funeral plans and with them, you don’t even need an account to take out FuneralPlan cover.

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You can do just about anything online and online transactions have transformed many aspects of our life. It is the comfort, the security, the convenience and ease that have made comparing and buying insurance so fantastic online. Applying online for a funeral plan has never been easier and people love the excellent response time. No waiting for weeks for a document to arrive in the post. Within minutes you can have your answer when you apply for a funeral plan online

Claims are also made easy by simply calling the Standard Bank FuneralPlan Claims Help Line on 0860 123 333. You will be advised on the documents that you need to supply and benefits will be paid within 48 hours of receiving all documents. The Standard Bank Funeral Policy is like many other funeral plans meaning that it will give peace of mind to policy holders and their families at a time of great sadness. With this cover, customers are able to be buried or bury a Apply Online for Funeral Planloved one with dignity and respect. This particular insurance product is available throughout South Africa and is available to anyone under 65 years.

Apply online for funeral plan – Complete and send the form above

It is so easy and convenient to read up about Standard Bank’s funeral policies online.   Standard Bank is an authorised financial services- and registered credit provider and costs and they invite you to complete their online forms as accurately as possible to give you the best chance of matching your insurance needs. Their funeral policy start as low as R39 per month and for this clients can get up to R50,000 cover. Add to that the fact that clients will also be able to receive a 20% discount off doctor’s consultation fees. Families with this funeral plan can also get up to R10,000 for medical expenses resulting from a traumatic event.


Apply online for a funeral plan with Standard Bank and get the peace-of-mind knowing you can bury your immediate- and extended family members without fear of knowing where the money’s coming from. This is unrelated to your life insurance policy. You’ll also benefit from lots of value-added benefits that will help you through the challenges of day to day living.

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