Old Mutual Funeral Plans Have Great Benefits for Less

Old Mutual funeral plans know you’ve got pride. And it’s best that when you die your family won’t have to pay for your funeral. That’s because you planned ahead.

You’ve always got options, and you can preplan or prepay your funeral. That will save your family the trouble of finding the money somewhere to pay for a funeral.

There are quite a few Old Mutual funeral plans available to you. And the best way forward is first to identify your needs. Then look at the budget you have and then make your choice.

Old Mutual Funeral Plans – More than 100 Years of Helping South Africans

Old Mutual Funeral PlansIs your funeral cover just for yourself or is it for your whole family, your parents, your in-laws, your children and even some aunts and uncles?

Old Mutual funeral plans have been providing funeral cover for some 170 years, so you can safely say they know what their customers want.

As the largest and most trusted financial services provider in South Africa, they
have been providing financial services to South Africans since 1845. Did you know that with their ‘Pay When You Can’ option, you don’t even need a bank account? You simply pay a one-time fee, and coverage is for 14 months.

The optionsĀ Old Mutual funeral plans offer is that you can choose cover built around your specific needs. It is well worth checking out the different funeral cover options because there IS one that will cater for your budget and your needs.

Old Mutual are people who direct their resources towards effective socio-economic development initiatives. They also serve every sector of the South African economy, ensuring their products and services are affordable and accessible to all South Africans.

Old Mutual Funeral Plans – So Much for so Little

The funeral care plan from Old Mutual is highly desirable, and the reason for this is that for justĀ R27 a month you get so much as well as a maximum starting cover of R50,000.

Old Mutual have made their funeral premium cheap because they know that losing a loved one isn’t easy. They want to ensure their customers have one less concern to worry about at the death of a loved one – the concern of not having the funds to plan a funeral.

Some other Old Mutual funeral plans –

  • Care Plan
  • Standard Plan
  • Comprehensive+ Plan

Each of these Old Mutual funeral plans allows you to choose the cover for your specific needs. They include lots of different options and will provide financial assistance for the burial of the policyholder or for when one of the member’s on the policy passes away.

Standard Plans and Comprehensive+ Plan policyholders have additional benefits too. These include the Terminal Illness benefit and the Cash Back benefit which is paid after every 36 premiums they receive.

With the Standard and Comprehensive+ Plans, you will be well taken care of when planning a funeral –

  • Grocery Benefit – you get payments for 12 months to be used for grocery expenses when a person dies
  • Education Benefits – you get payments for 12 months which can be used for education expenses when a person dies
  • Move Cover Benefit – you get 10% more cover with the Standard- and Comprehensive+Plan at no extra cost with your R50 000 or more cover.

Old Mutual Funeral Plans – You’re Adequately Covered

The Old Mutual funeral plans department makes it easy for their customers, allowing them to select a funeral policy of their choice from their website. Their plans can cover just the policyholder or they can also include the policy holder’s immediate family.

By studying the benefits of each of the plans, you’ll be able to choose the one that most adequately provides for your family when you are no longer there.

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All info was correct at time of publishing