Old Mutual – Not Just Any Funeral Plan

South Africa has got some excellent funeral policies, and Old Mutual is one of the leading insurance companies offering funeral cover.

All funeral insurance firms guarantee that you won’t have to worry about money issues when a loved one dies. But a funeral plan that just pays for the coffin, transportation from the place of death to the funeral home – is that enough? Remember that a basic funeral in South Africa costs anything in the region of R7 000, but once you start adding in extras, it becomes far more.

The best funeral plan is, of course, going to be the lowest one, but one that throws in some great and useful benefits.

About Old Mutual

Old Mutual isn’t just any old funeral plan, so they are worth your consideration. They’ve been offering awesome services to South African from 1845. Even through uncertain times, they have consistently stood the Old Mutual Funeral Plan Quotetest of time with life insurance products. With so much corruption and fraud going on, you want to know that when you pass away, your funeral plan honours every promise they made. So let’s have a look at why Old Mutual is such a worthwhile provider of funeral plans. Certainly their funeral plans are very affordable. They offer –

  • Care Plan – R31 a month for a payout of R50 000.
  • Standard Plan – R38 a month for a payout of R70 000.
  • Comprehensive+ Plan – R39 a month for a payout of R70 000.
  • Children, parents, parents-in-law, aunts and uncles – they can ALL be covered.
  • The Single Adult Family cover is a perfect choice for single parents who want protection for themselves and their dependent children but not a spouse who they don’t have.
  • The Standard- and Comprehensive+ Plans come with a Terminal Illness benefit as well as a Cash Back benefit which applies after every three years of paying premiums. The Standard- and Comprehensive+ Plans come with some useful new benefits that help to make life much easier after the death of a loved one:


More Benefits

– Grocery benefit. 12 months of payments to be used for groceries.
– More Cover Benefits, which comes with the Standard and Comprehensive+ Plans when you have R50 000 or more cover, you get 10% more cover at no extra cost.
– Education Benefit. Payments for 12 months for education purposes.
– Accidental Benefit.
– Premium Holiday Benefit.
– Restart Benefit.

  • Policyholders with Old Mutual funeral plans also have access to More4U. With this feature, you get more. These are value-adds over and above your insurance policy benefits. What is so attractive is that you get them at no additional cost. Some of these advantages include:

– Funeral support.
– Education support.
– Medical response.
– Trauma, assault, HIV support.
– Legal wellness.
– Financial wellness.


So you can see that Old Mutual doesn’t just offer any funeral plan to their customers. Right from the start, Old Mutual’s approach has always been emphasising the fact that each of their clients is at the heart of their business. Significantly, as the years continue to unfold, they will ensure that they continue to offer good governance with the money of their customers by offering exceptional products.

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All info was correct at time of publishing