Some Things a Funeral Director Won’t tell You

People tend to forget that the funeral business is just like other business. Its mission is to make as much money as they can. Many people have put their experiences with different funeral directors on the Internet. And from these experiences, we see that there are some things a funeral director won’t tell you.

Subjects That a Funeral Director will be Less than Honest About

Funeral directors like to avoid drawing your attention to their very sturdy, low-cost coffins. They deliberately have flattering spotlights on the more expensive caskets. They make them appear far more attractive, and of course, they have a higher price tag.

Funeral directors don’t tell you that you can find caskets that are as nice or better. They don’t tell you that these coffins are also much cheaper too.

Do your research because you’ll discover that some funeral directors say they don’t have refrigeration facilities. And to overcome this problem, they suggest embalming which is a much cFuneral Directorostlier option.

Don’t be persuaded by your funeral director to buy a convenient funeral package. That’s because these include services and products that you don’t want or need.

Cremations are quickly becoming the preferred choice for people and can cost far less than the average funeral. That’s bad news for a funeral director. To make up the lost revenue, some dodgy funeral directors are promoting products with cremations that are unnecessary.

Unnecessary Staff

Don’t let your funeral director tell you that there is an additional staff charge because of the large turnout at your funeral. Large funerals may well require other employees, but that cost should not be that of the family of the deceased.

Prepaid plans aren’t as cover-all as you think. People may well prepay funeral expenses to lock in those attractive lower rates, but there are quite a few important aspects such as flowers and even music which the funeral director won’t tell you are extra.

A funeral director won’t tell you that they like to take advantage of highly emotional people who aren’t thinking straight and who sign up for expensive services they don’t need.

A funeral director will not tell you that you can buy cremation urns at a fraction of the cost at funeral businesses as well as other funeral products.

And a funeral director won’t tell you that they know many people who get into debt over their funeral expenses – their funeral plans don’t keep pace with increasing costs, so they still face huge bills.

Burial Guidelines

The funeral director won’t tell you that you can bury a body on your land – there are just certain guidelines to adhere to such as the burial spot not being close to a water source.

A suspect funeral director will tell you to buy a sealed casket. That is to delay the decomposition process or even avoid it They cost far more in the first place, and they cannot stop decay.

Many funeral directors won’t tell you that you shouldn’t use them. They won’t inform you that they will do what it takes to pad their pockets at your expense. They will never tell you that you should rather look for some of the reputable funeral directors that exist and who won’t cause you grief.

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