What is a Green Burial?

A green burial is something you should consider when planning ahead for death. However, admittedly planning a funeral is not something most of us cherish.

The truth is that thinking ahead can save you or your family members lots of stress when the inevitable occurs.

Not so long ago, the idea of a green burial was unheard of. But people want information on it now, as is offers the kind of burial they want. However, few funeral directors offer it.

Green Burial – Traditional Cemeteries Unattractive Grey Landscapes

PGreen Burialeople are starting to take notice how we have been abusing our environment. We are becoming ‘the late great planet earth’.

Those toxic chemicals used in embalming the dead, those huge lacquered wooden coffins with their shiny fake brass handles buried deep in the soil, that unnatural polished stone – all bringing lasting damage to the earth and creating a dead, cold unattractive landscape as well.

Green Burial – Dust to Dust – the Natural Way

Traditional burials have an adverse impact on the environment. But green burials, or eco-burials, will lessen the impact.

In the 21st century, the funeral industry and, more specifically, funeral directors are waking up to the fact that there are millions of people who have a close affinity with nature. And their last dying wish is to unite with the earth in a ‘green’ way. Make sure you get your way and include something in your will that stipulates your green funeral wishes.

Green Burial – What exactly is a Green Burial?

The most important aspects of a green burial are –

  • looking out for- and preserving the environment
  • the conservation of our already dwindling natural resources
  • the welfare and protection of funeral industry workers

Unfortunately, modern burials have until recently included the likes of hardwood coffins, embalming chemicals and concrete vaults – all designed to delay the natural process of decomposition. Funeral directors who don’t want to be part of the demise of planet earth are showing more interest in ways to return to the earth more easily.

They are offering –

  • simple but effective bamboo, cardboard and reed coffins with rope handles which are replacing hardwood coffins with metal handles.
  • flowers from organic flower growers
  • recycled paper for funeral programmes or bulletins
  • catering includes refreshments from organic sources

Green Burial – Welcoming Burial Places Filled with Life

Burial councils are opening up ‘green’ cemeteries where the dead are wrapped in natural fibre shrouds as opposed to being dressed in clothes with metal studs, zips and belts that are ecological disasters for the earth.

Instead of cold, lifeless, grey cemeteries, these green cemeteries are natural, living memorials where families are encouraged to meet and even have a picnic as the come to these living cemeteries to honour the deceased.

Green funeral directors will be able to offer advice on how to create these unique and celebratory ceremonies. It is a time that everyone started looking at the benefits of natural, ‘green’ burials.

Green Burial – We Owe it to Nature to go in a Green Way

Huge coffins and embalming don’t guarantee you a better sendoff, but rather hinder the process of decomposition, adding unwanted toxins into the soil. Everybody who wants a better world and environment for future generations inevitably seeks to consider a green burial, and funeral directors should be encouraging it as a moral duty.

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All info was correct at time of publishing