Easy Cover Funeral Insurance from Nedbank

There are so many reasons for the purchase of Easy Cover funeral insurance from Nedbank. Most importantly a good funeral plan is about having funds to lay the deceased to rest in peace. Not everyone has the same funeral insurance needs, but this is one expense that we will all be faced with. Today, the cost of an average funeral in South Africa is approximately R7 000 – an amount precious few people have available at short notice.

Having funeral insurance is just one way you can make sure you have the  funds to pay burial or cremation costs. Easy Cover funeral insurance from Nedbank makes it possible that you get options too.

With Easy Cover you can include a casket, a headstone, burial plot, funeral transportation, the Nedbank Easy Coverdocuments being attended to as well as a memorial service for instance. There are many additional costs that are connected to one’s passing and which can all add up. If arrangements are not in place, the remaining family members could find themselves in a difficult financial situation.

Easy Cover for ALL Budgets

Even if you have a small budget, you can still have cover for your family. Nedbank offers plans that cater for the entire Rainbow Nation. Their Nedbank Funeral Plan Plus for instance is straightforward and affordable. It’ll pay you out R5 000 towards a funeral.

With Nedbank Easy Cover:

  • Application is always simple.
  • You don’t need a medical exam and that includes an HIV test.
  • Once you’ve paid your first premium, you’ll get immediate accidental death.
  • You get access to Nedbank’s Value for Life¬†Programme. With this programme you can get some discounts on things like busliner tickets, DVDS and magazines.

Let’s see what Nedbank’s other funeral plan offers – their Nedbank Easy Cover. A plan like this is designed to take away the shock you’ll face when you have to suddenly fork out 7, 8, 9 or R10 000 for a basic funeral.

Benefits with the Nedbank Easy Cover

  • You don’t need a bank account with Nedbank Easy Cover.
  • Pay your premiums in cash, or by debit order.
  • Pay as little as R19.50 for R5 000 cover or R123.00 for R50 000 cover for instance.
  • Must be a South African citizen with a proper ID book.
  • Cash payouts are tax free.
  • Cover is for yourself, your immediate- and extended family – cover up to 30 people.
  • You can buy and pay your premiums conveniently at selected Boxer stores.
  • When you die, your family will still benefit with an income for up to 12 months. This is known as the Family Supporter Benefit
  • Nedbank rewards those who are responsible with their payments. For instance, if you pay 10 premiums upfront, Nedbank will pay the other 2 months of your year for you.
  • You get free transportation of the body to the funeral home. Nedbank also make arrangements for free accommodation for one night for a single relative to accompany the body.
  • Everybody hits hard times, and Nedbank allows you to just make a minimum payment of R10 in these tough times to ensure your policy doesn’t lapse.
  • With Nedbank choose you own level of cover – choose to pay what you can when you can.

Nedbank Easy Cover offers great value funeral cover that is easy to understand, easy to buy and which offers to take a lot of stress off your mind.

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