Excellent Funeral Plans in South Africa

South Africa offers many excellent funeral plans. They are affordable and comprehensive.

Finding the best funeral plan will require research. You will want to know what your premiums will be each month, what the payout will be, the products and services catered for and how reputable the insurance company is.

There are many insurance companies in South Africa, and most of them have excellent track records. They handle your premiums responsibly and pay out as they promise.

Excellent Funeral Plans Have Good Websites

The best insurance companies have good websites too which offer a wealth of information. They are indicative of professionalism. These sites provide online brochures on their offerings which you can download for easy reference. Their websites have also got plenty of contact details should you require Excellent Funeral Plansadditional guidance on their funeral plans.

Excellent Funeral Plans Are South Africa’s Best

Old Mutual, AVBOB, Liberty, Nedbank and Assupol are among those South African companies offering affordable funeral plans. If you have found an option among these that appeals to you, you can request a quote. A consultant will call you back and assist you in getting the best medical aid for you and your family. Nedbank’s Gold Funeral Plan is a popular choice. It covers you and your family. It is one of the most comprehensive funeral plans there is with lots of added benefits.

When you look at these insurance companies, you will notice:

  • Their history dates back as much as 100 years. Assupol, for instance, started way back in 1913.
  • Assupol’s products, as well as those from Nedbank, Old Mutual, AVBOB and Liberty, are designed for South Africans by South Africans.
  • AVBOB happens to be one of South Africa’s largest funeral insurance companies. Its funeral plans offer lots of free burial benefits to their more than 4,6 million members. Their funeral plans start at just R37 a month.
  • Each of these funeral insurance companies offers flexible and affordable funeral insurance, and each one of them allows you to buy your burial insurance online.
  • They offer cover between R5 000 and R100 000.
  • A great funeral cover company allows you to include many family members per policy.
  • They include lots of value-added benefits such as a grocery benefit and burial repatriation services.
  • It will pay out claims within 24 hours.
  • Age is always an aspect that comes into play with funeral cover. Insurers don’t underwrite funeral policies, which means they don’t assess the risk of clients through medical tests. None of these insurers requests a medical examination.


Look out for Unique Benefits of Excellent Funeral Plans

Research each one carefully because some of them offer unique benefits that another insurer may not offer.

It pays to compare these funeral insurance companies thoroughly. You want to know which one offers the best value. The lowest price funeral plan isn’t necessarily the one that offers the best value. Your goal is to pay less but still get more.

ALL Excellent Funeral Plans have Waiting Periods

AVBOB, Old Mutual, Nedbank, Liberty and Assupol don’t keep their customers waiting long before their coverage is activated. You have cover as soon as you sign up and pay your first premium.

However, to prevent signing up clients who are aged and are on the point of dying, the insurer will implement a waiting period. With a funeral plan from these top companies, there isn’t a waiting period with accidental death, but with a natural death, there is a waiting period.

Every South African expects a great deal from their insurance, and each one of these top funeral companies has unique bundled plans with some great benefits.

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