How To Pay For a Funeral

When you arrange a funeral, what you organise is going to cost money. And that’s why you need to know how to pay for a funeral at the end of it all.

It is therefore important to know when someone dies, who will pay for the funeral.

It is also important to know how much the funeral will cost and what accessories are important.

Some people panic.

They have no idea where they are going to find the money to pay for a funeral. Their feelings of sadness turn to bitterness and resentment.

How to Pay for a Funeral – Sometimes no one will Pay for a Funeral

How to Pay for a FuneralUsually the next of kin of the deceased are the ones who pay for the funeral. Sometimes the person named as the executor in the will is also the person who will pay for the funeral.

It can happen that there is no one who was particularly close to the deceased that would be willing to pay for the funeral. In these cases, the state or the council organises a public welfare or pauper funeral. There won’t be flowers, there won’t be cars available or notices in the local newspaper.

If there is someone who pays for the funeral, these funds can come from the dead person’s estate. But sometimes there is not enough money in the estate.

The estate pays funeral costs first, usually, plus debts of the deceased. Sometimes it pays any secured debts like a mortgage before funeral costs. But knowing how much money is in the estate might well also determine what type of funeral is affordable.

How to Pay for a Funeral – Check if there is funeral Insurance or Plan

Those who are arranging the funeral should check if maybe there is a funeral plan or funeral insurance. A pre-paid funeral plan is a plan relating to a funeral director. It usually relates to a type of pre-selected funeral from the firm. There are also insurance companies that offer funeral cover.

The funeral insurance is normally a policy that will pay out a fixed sum, specifically to cover funeral costs, and which will enable the organiser of the funeral to pay for the funeral from any funeral firm.

Usually the executor freezes the deceased’s bank account if there is money in his account. If you need access to the money to pay for the funeral, funds can be released to the executor.

Benefits to Assist on How to Pay for a Funeral

To pay for a funeral, there can be benefits to assist you with paying, like payments from a social fund. For instance if you or your partners are on a low income and are claiming certain benefits, then you might be entitled to social fund funeral payment. This government scheme usually helps people who are on a low income and it helps them to cope with all these essential expenses.

You are able to put in a claim from the date of the death of the person for up to 3 months after the funeral. If there are funds available in the deceased’s account, then the social fund will recover the funeral fees from funds available.

Because funerals can be so expensive, it is wise today for a family to investigate taking out funeral insurance – it will save stress and give the family peace of mind knowing that there is a sum of money that will pay for a decent funeral in the future.

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